St. Petersburg, Florida – iPIN is available for the Mac and the iOS (iPhone and iPad). New versions of both apps have just been released. As of right now iPIN may also be relied on to safeguard any kind of passwords in Windows. There is no need to remember ATM or cell phone PINs anymore – users can count on iPIN do the job.

iPIN captures all passwords, arranges them in a clear layout, and encrypts them with the secure 256-bit AES algorithm. A password is required to access password-safe. Without knowledge of the password access is impossible and no information regarding stored PINs, user IDs, serial numbers and codes will be made available.

In a nutshell:
* New iPIN versions are available for the Mac and iOS
* iPIN for Windows has been released
* Records all passwords, user IDs and PINs
* Data is encrypted with 256-bit AES
* Data is synchronized via WiFi
* All data can be exported as PDF
* Five people family license
* Free 10-day trial version
* Special sale price: $5.99 (50% discount)

KISS – Keep it simple and safe – that is the principle used by iPIN. All stored information may be instantly accessed, viewed, edited and used. No computer skills are required. Naturally, all captured passwords may be sorted into categories, making it easy to keep track of them. Users also have the option to provide entries with individual icons.

Important is the newly established WiFi synchronization. It ensures that iPIN’s database is automatically synchronized between all iPIN versions – if desired by the user. This means that passwords, which are captured on the Windows computer or the Mac, can also be retrieved on the mobile iPhone. The feature makes a lot of sense, especially since passwords and PINs are often times needed when on the road – to withdraw money with a debit card, for example.

iPIN lets the user export all collected data as a PDF. The PDF can be encrypted and protected with a password as well. Anyone that would like to keep an overview of passwords on real paper (in a real safe?) may now do so.

New iPIN versions have been released for iOS and the Mac OS. They are available for a short period of time at a 50% discount. iPIN for iOS is priced at $ 1.99, instead of $ 3.99. The Mac version is being offered at only $5.99, instead of $10.99.

iPIN also offers a free 10 day trial demo for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. The single license for $ 5.99 (sale price, later on $ 10.99) can only be used by one individual. A family license for $ 7.49 (later on $ 14.99) lets up to five family members of the same household utilize the software.

Offer to the Press: Journalists that would like to test the iOS, Mac or Windows program, simply contact Presseburo Typemania for a promotional code for the apps or the full version for Windows. This lets them comfortably test the full version.

Purchase and Download (iOS)
Purchase and Download (MAS)
Purchase and Download (Windows)
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Ibilities Inc. is a young company focusing on apps for Apple products. It is based in St Petersburg, FL and the CEO is Frank Moeller. Their goal is to develop useful apps to make life a little easier. Copyright (C) 2013 Ibilities Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac OS X and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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