Tlt, Russian Federation – How to easily clean the background of a photograph? One way to do this is to run some Photoshop-like editor, select the Magic Wand tool and outline the silhouette of the object to cut. A professional designer can manage this task in 10 minutes. The downside of the story: not all users possess enough designer skills to achieve the same result in such a short time.

PhotoScissors by TeoreX targets those users who don’t want to learn secrets of retouching or master ponderous graphic editors. The program is really easy to use, and the main principle of removing the background from a picture implemented in the tool is absolutely clear. A user marks foreground and background zones on the image and immediately sees the result on the screen. Minor glitches left after automatic processing of the image can be fixed right away with few fine strokes of the mouse.

The program automatically applies anti-aliasing filters for smooth edges of the cutout, and quickly processes even larger images. Combined with simplicity of the tool, removing background for web publishing of images, swapping backgrounds or creating photo collages becomes a simple and fun procedure.

PhotoScissors can be definitely recommended for all users who are not designers or Photoshop geeks, but still need to extract objects or remove unwanted backgrounds from photos. A simple and cost-effective tool, PhotoScissors does this amazingly good.

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