Soda Springs, California – Daniel Wexler, the 2012 Technical Achievement Academy Award (C) winning founder of mobile developers, The 11ers, releases details of their next two apps, PaintedCamera and PhotoSpector that bring professional-quality image manipulation to the mobile app ecosystem, building on the success of their 100,000-user app, Glaze, which turns your photos into unique works of art.

PaintedCamera, a real-time app that turns your phone’s camera into a master artist, applying the Glaze technique of transforming photos into unique works of art to a live camera! PhotoSpector, a brand new photo organization and editing tool, leveraging experience gained developing the AMPAS Technical Achievement Awarded Lighting tools for PDI/DreamWorks, provides an elegantly interface for organizing, editing and sharing photos tailored for professional photographers and iPhoneographers.

PhotoSpector replaces both the basic Photo application provided with your phone, augmented with advanced tools to inspect individual pixels, wipe between variations and edit your images. Groups of images can be manipulated and shared through smart folders that leverage search to easily find and edit groups of images based on dates, keywords, and other image attributes. Powerful search techniques enable management of huge image databases without the need for labor intensive manually created folders.

Working with professional photographers, The 11ers developed PhotoSpector to address the critical task of finding the 10 best photos from the 500 – 5000 taken during a shooting session. Quickly navigating and comparing similar images, and detailed inspection of focus and color settings provide the control needed to extract the best few images, adjust their color and crop prior to uploading them to your cloud repository. The elegant workflow works equally well for the amateur photographer working with a set of vacation photos before uploading them to Facebook, Flickr or Shutterfly for their friends.

“The ability to edit a group of photos, adjusting their color, metadata and cropping before uploading to my blog allows me to use my iPad as a light table that travels with me, eliminating the need to carry a laptop.” – Juan Buhler, Pro Photo Blogger

“The paint processing in Glaze is nothing short of incredible.” – Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

PaintedCamera, a live, real-time camera version of Glaze, the successful photo filter with over 100,000 users, provides a new set of styles tailored specifically for use through the iPhone camera. Point your camera and get real-time glazed images that can be captured and shared to Facebook, Twitter, Email and saved to the gallery. Glaze is a 5-star rated app called out by top iPhoneographers as “the best painting effect program ever seen!” – The Angel Gabriella, Glaze iPhoneographer

The 11ers build professional tools for the mobile app market. With more than 40 years combined experience in the professional image and game industries, The 11ers developers, Gilles Dezeustre and Daniel Wexler are bringing new levels of stability and simplicity to professional image-makers who are increasingly replacing legacy gear with mobile devices. Photo apps that enable real-time editing of full-resolution, 20 megapixel images through interfaces that leverage the full power of touch provide the foundation for the next generation of content creation.

Glaze 1.5
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Screenshot (PhotoSpector Color Correction)
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The 11ers are an independent mobile app development team based in Donner Summit, California. Founders Daniel Wexler and Gilles Dezeustre are 3D feature animation software veterans with over 17 years of combined experience writing rendering and animation software for PDI and Dreamworks Animation. Their film credits include the Oscar (C) winning Shrek and Madagascars (and one Antz). Afterwards, Dan spent 8 years at NVIDIA working on the first GPU-based film renderer, Gelato and future GPU architectures, while Gilles worked at OnLive and wrote real time 3D for the cloud. They reunited in late 2011 and, in the depth of American Gold Country, created The 11ers. Armed with their deep experience in high end graphic software, they embarked on an epic journey through the frontier of mobile app development, toward the ultimate goal of bringing leading-edge graphical algorithms to the mobile market. Copyright (C) 2013 11ers. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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