Turin, Italy – Usefool is pleased to announce the release of Actions for iPad, a revolutionary tool for any digital worker, a unique new app that transforms your iPad (and soon your iPhone as well) in a customizable remote controller for all you computer applications, for both Mac and Windows, with the purpose of simplify human-computer interaction and make it more engaging and direct.

Instead of forcing the user to look up for software functions in nested menus or remember tons of shortcuts often difficult to learn and memorize, we provide an harmonious and personalized interface in which every button fires an action to your computer applications. With Actions, the user can build his own cockpit, designing it to better fits his habits and optimized for his work using text labelling, a vast library of icons (900!) as well as color coding. Whether you need a simple set of generic actions (Copy, Paste, Download mail, Launch a webpage) or to streamline your workflow with a professional application with hundreds of specific actions, Actions will change your way to interact with your computer and will improve your digital life.

Main Features
* Mac & Win compatibility
* Wi-fi syncing with auto-reconnection
* Organize your actions in multiple layers
* Customize your touchpads with labels, colors and icons (900 custom made icons included)
* Multitouch “action gestures” for most used actions (just swipe 2 fingers to copy, paste, undo, redo)
* Link a set to an application for context-aware automatic set switching
* Target a single action to a specific app
* Thousands of built-in action presets for the most popular applications

Actions is designed to be essential and immediate, but its features are far more advanced. For instance it recognizes automatically your computer’s apps and keeps linked the right set of actions with the related application, bidirectionally. Switch app on your computer and your iPad will show the right set. Change Set on your iPad and your computer will bring focus on the linked application. You can also specify a target application for a single action.

Instantaneous feedback, multitouch gestures and much more let you truly enhance your digital experience speeding up your task and finally allowing you taking full control of your favorites applications.

The app is a newborn but already has a bright future with the countless new features already in development such as the iPhone porting, Actions chains (make complex actions) and the ability to send strings, Dropbox sync, new Actions Gestures and the ability to customize them, and many many more.

Actions 1.0
Video Overview
Press Kit (zip)

Actions is a Usefool creation for iOS. Code developed by M3me, inc., creators of RC Trackpad for iOS. Copyright (C) 2012 Beautyfool. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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