New York, New York – Adorama, one of the world’s largest photography, imaging, video and electronics retailers, and a leading destination for iPhone photo specialty accessories, recently added a collection of vacation-ready smartphone photography accessories to its iPhone Toolshed – a carefully curated collection of unique, useful and fun iPhoneography gear. Whether you’re exploring a whole new city, taking a road trip to the beach or camping far from civilization (and a power outlet), smartphone users want their fully charged phones nearby so they can capture every spring vacation memory.

From the ambitious amateur photographer to the tech obsessed and nature loving thrill-seekers, users with all kinds of interests and hobbies can find the perfect iPhone accessories, like bendable tripods and tough waterproof cases, to accompany them on any adventure they encounter. These accessories and more are all available now in Adorama’s iPhone Toolshed.

New Adventure-Ready Gear in the iPhone Toolshed Includes:
Impossible Instant Lab for iPhone 4/4s / iPhone 5/5s (IMPILAB): Old-school photography, in the most modern way possible. The Impossible Instant Lab lets you transform any digital image from your iPhone into a physical photograph – instantly. Using only the light from the display, the Instant Lab then processes the photo, ready to be developed right in your hand. It’s easy to use, fully portable and perfect for vacation photo albums, scrapbooks, collages and sharing – no electronic device or Facebook account needed.

Aryca Wave 3 Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 (ARW3WH): Those days of cleverly hiding your smartphone in your sneaker while you play in the sand and water are over. With the Aryca Wave 3, your iPhone can enjoy the beach as much as you do. The Wave 3 offers full protection from water, sand and dirt, while its hard shell twist-and-lock case also provides shock absorption. It’s a solid yet simple solution, all while giving you full worry-free control over your phone (and your vacation).

Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand (TPGPGMGTS): Don’t let something like uneven terrain, lack of gravity or hanging off the edge of a cliff stop you from taking a great selfie. The GripTight GorillaPod Stand from JOBY is an adaptable, all-terrain tripod that supports almost any smartphone, with or without a protective case. Crafted with flexible joints and tough-grip rubber feet, GorillaPod allows you to secure your smartphone to branches, poles or just about anything you can find – stabilizing your camera on uneven surfaces and positioning the screen for the perfect perspective.

Trygger Camera Case with Polarizer Filter for iPhone 4/4S (TRYGIP4BK): You’re looking at the most perfect, picturesque sunset, but your iPhone sees things differently – spots, blinding light and lots of glare. The Trygger Camera Case fixes that instantly, no software or retouching required. Its built-in polarizing filter is crafted with hand ground optical quality glass to handle lighting challenges like reflection, glare and hazy skies. Just set the filter into position, adjust the filter dial and shoot your subject. The Trygger is built with a slim fitting case for the iPhone 4 and 4S to protect against scratches and shock from drops.

Wagan Tech 2558-5 Solar e-Charger with Built-in Li-Ion Battery (WAG2558): A day in the sun can help you recharge, and with the Wagan 2558 Solar e-Charger, the same goes for your smartphone. While you’re lying on the beach, set the Wagan next to you and it’ll charge up your battery via sun in 5-8 hours. No sunscreen required.

Ballistic Hard Core Case for iPhone 5 (BALHCIP5CHRP): Vacations can be tough on your phone: forgetting to take it out of your pocket as you spring off the diving board, then remembering, mid-air. Dropping it while off-roading. Ice cream fingerprints that smudge the screen into an indecipherable blob. The Ballistic Hard Core Series Case for iPhone 5 is designed for the harshest accidents and even the most clumsy smartphone owners. Engineered with five layers of drop protection, including a built-in screen protector, water-resistant mesh over all speakers and an extremely durable rotating holster, this case offers security from drops, fingerprints, scratches, dust and most importantly, from yourself.

Prong PocketPlug Charger Case in-One for iPhone 5/5s (PRPPIP5WH): “Forget phone charger” might as well be on your pre-vacation checklist. It happens more often than we’d like to admit. Now you’re stuck in an airport somewhere, phone battery slowly dying and, of course, there’s a power outlet right next to you. PocketPlug Charger Case-in-One for iPhone 5/5s cuts out the middleman – the middleman here being external wires – to bring you an iPhone case with an integrated wall charger featuring flat folding plugs for maximum portability that are easily deployed and retracted with the flick of a finger. When in use, you’ll get an even faster charge than your usual standard charger.

The PocketPlug is also designed to enhance the quality of the iPhone’s speaker and microphone. By redirecting the sound from the speaker towards the front of the phone, the case allows for even louder and clearer audio. Finally if you do remember to take your charger, the PocketPlug’s micro USB pass-through still lets you charge your iPhone with a micro USB cord. If not, you’ll always have your PocketPlug with you to quickly and conveniently recharge your phone.

Are you an iPhoneographer? Visit the Adorama Learning Center’s iPhoneography page to find out How to Take Professional-Quality Photos Using your iPhone, the Top 10 Killer Photography Apps for iOS Devices and more.

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Adorama iPhone Toolshed
Adorama Learning Center – iPhoneography
Impossible Instant Lab for iPhone 4/4s/5/5s
Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand
Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Case for iPhone 5

ADORAMA: More Than a Camera Store
Adorama is more than a camera store – it’s one of the world’s largest photography, video, imaging and electronics retailers. Serving customers for more than 35 years, Adorama has grown from its flagship NYC store to include the leading online destination for photography, video and consumer electronics. Adorama’s vast product offerings encompass home entertainment, mobile computing, and professional video and audio, while its services include an in-house photo lab, AdoramaPix, pro equipment rental at Adorama Rental Company, and the award-winning Adorama Learning Center, which offers free education for photographers in online channels such as the popular Adorama TV.

Adorama is listed as one of the top five electronics retailers by Consumer Reports, “Best of the Web” by, Internet Retailers Top 100, and is the official Electronics Retailer of the NY Giants.

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