Long Island, New York – AlphaDigits today releases the list of top rated mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during the particular month. Now, it has listed five top rated mobile apps for the month of August. Here is the list.

CaptureAudio (5/5): Whether you’re looking at a pencorder, or a handheld USB recorder, you’d be better off saving your money and dropping only $0.99 on the CaptureAudio for iPhone and iPad. The app records audio, but also adds the ability to bookmark points in your audio recordings, with up to eight customizable flags for different notices, as well as a large space for text notes.

Injury Predictor (5/5): This iPhone app provides an easy way to learn playing your favorite song on guitar and impress your friends. If you have always craved to learn how to play guitar, but you never got any time to join music classes, this app would come in handy to you. As you do not require any prior understanding of musical notes and you can straight-a-way move to your favorite songs, your friends would definitely be impressed.

Weathermob (4.8/5): It is a crowdsourced app that allows members to check-in and share photos, descriptions and fun indicators of what they see out their windows – a world of weather reporters at your fingertips. Weathermob is setup with channels, much like the channels you view on TV. You could even use this app to plan a vacation at the right time of year.

Map Camera (4.8/5): With Map Camera, photographers can easily embed maps, addresses, usernames and camera settings into the image, removing the need to share that information manually, or try to remember the information themselves. Photographers switch between shutter speeds and F-stops all the time, and SeeSaw gets that it can be hard to remember which images had which settings. Enter Map Camera!

Benji Buddy (4.7/5): Parents looking for help understanding the challenges faced by high school-aged children about to transition to college should look to add Benji Buddy to their list of essentials. The app, made by Technology Ripples, LLC for the iOS platform, intends to help parents and students better understand the costs of college, as well as the potential earnings in a student’s goal profession after graduation.

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