San Francisco, California – Adways Interactive announces the official launch of the Party Track platform, a tool to provide mobile app developers with highly accurate user acquisition and retention analytics, combined with a simple pricing model that allows developers to better predict and manage their costs. By partnering with Facebook as a Preferred Marketing Developer, Party Track also allows the tracking of Facebook’s recently launched mobile ad product. During several months of beta testing with some of the world’s top gaming companies, Adways has discovered that users acquired from mobile Facebook ads not only outperformed users from other advertising networks, but also significantly outperformed organic users in terms of retention across multiple time periods.

These staggering numbers uncovered by the Party Track platform are incredibly valuable to mobile app developers who are increasingly understanding the importance of not just acquiring users in the most cost-effective manner, but interpreting the quality of the user – often measured by the number of days they continue to use the app. Unlike competing analytics platforms that charge developers for each app usage “event” such as an app launch, and which analytics costs can’t be budgeted ahead of time, Party Track has a simplified pricing model that provides lifetime analytics for a single upfront cost of $0.10 per install that comes from an advertisement, and does not charge for organic installs.

Party Track is meant to be a truly global tool, which offers several unique features to support developers in other countries: Customized time-zone reporting, so that results can be shown relative to local time zones, as well as support for multiple languages in its dashboard. Furthermore, different tracking methods, such as device fingerprinting, have varying levels of accuracy depending on the region of the user. By integrating a combination of mobile app tracking methods that dynamically adapt based on location, Party Track provides the most accurate analytics for app marketers.

“Mobile advertising analytics are paramount to any developers’ success in the industry,” said Ken Asukura, CEO of Adways US. “The first rule of advertising is ‘know your audience,’ and the Party Track platform gives marketers and developers the opportunity to know their audience better than any other analytics SDK. Apps are built for a global marketplace, and Party Track’s dashboard was created with that in mind, and we’re really excited about its potential to help a lot of people.”

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