S.Hackensack, New Jersey – IvySkin today is proud to announce the all new SmartCase(R) Pro 6000 for iPhone 5/5s is both iconic and legendary in design and performance, packed with a super durable 6000mAh battery pack, it is the world’s most intelligent and longest lasting battery pack case for iPhone 5/5S.

As the market pioneer in delivering enhanced Polycarbonate protection for digital devices, IvySkin continues to provide superior and cutting edge solution for the new iPhone. The iPhone 5s embodies the notion of what IvySkin stands for; thoughtful designs that make no compromises when it comes to protection.

SmartCase(R) Pro for iPhone 5 / 5S is a true professional grade iPhone battery case with 6000mAh battery powerhouse and features such as Glass touch-thru screen guard, Carbon fiber anti-shock body and speaker enhancing design.

The SmartCase(R) Pro for iPhone 5/5S is packed with an 6000 mAh battery that nearly triples the iPhone’s battery but compacted to fit this thin profile.

This case is a true road warrior, that can handle the harshest environments and still charges the iPhone 5/5S twice with its built-in high capacity battery.

The Package includes
* SmartCase Pro for iPhone 5/5S
* 6000mAh smart battery pack
* Xylo Glass Touch-Thru screen guard for maximum protection
* User guide
* Full IvySkin USA warranty

* This case uses the same cable as iPhone 5/5S so when plugged-in both the case and iPhone are charged simultaneously.

The SmartCase(R) Pro 6000 retails for $79.99 USD and comes with a certified 6000mAh battery pack in addition to the glass touch-thru screen. It is now available on our web site and at retail stores in the coming weeks. Visit IvySkin.com today for additional information on these or other IvySkin products.

SmartCase® Pro 6000
All iPhone 5/5S cases

IvySkin(R) is an industry endorsed, multi award-winning accessories design house with several patented intelligent accessories for smart devices. From CNBC to Engadget, MacWorld magazine to iLounge, our accessories have been recognized and awarded. IvySkin is known as one of the premier Apple accessories provider, with products ranging from Smart Cases to battery pack and waterproof solutions. IvySkin brand names include SmartCase(R), SmartCase(R) Pro ,SmartCase(R) air, Denali(TM), XyloScreen(TM), SportCase(TM), CamelBack(TM), RUBICON(TM) and Touch-Thru(R) screen and cases. We are proud to be an all American company that design and manufacture bold, new accessories to protect, personalize, improve performance and enhance the Apple experience. We love what we produce and we hope you’ll love our products as well! Stay tuned for more surprises from us in the near future!

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