State College, Pennsylvania – Kdan Mobile has announced that the total downloads of its applications have surpassed the 20 million downloads milestone, further solidifying the company’s reputation as a leader in the mobile application and software industry. Kdan produces a wide range of content creation applications, including tools for document editing, multimedia integration, photography, video and animation.

Kdan Mobile’s renowned PDF Reader as well as other productivity/business applications have been applauded and recognized by business leaders. With its proven success in the consumer market, Kdan Mobile is eyeing expansion of business-to-business services and the upcoming launch of a cloud service to increase influence.

The Apple App market has long been centered on downloads from Europe and North America. However, according to Kdan’s research, in recent years Asia’s rapid economic development has resulted in a pronounced rebalancing towards the east. This shift was demonstrated most emphatically in 2013 when the East Asia region leaped in status to occupy 20% of total App Store downloads. Nevertheless, European and North American users still account for half of all app downloads. Built upon a team of multinational employees attuned to industry trends and cultural nuances across multiple regions, Kdan Mobile is fully equipped to respond to this global rebalancing.

By extending and diversifying its range of services, Kdan Mobile is poised to expand upon its achievements since 2009. The company now provides customized, business-to-business services aimed at commercial and educational institutions. Kdan has also developed a cloud storage service scheduled for release at the end of the year. The cloud service will allow users to synchronize, transfer and backup files when using Kdan’s creative tools. In addition to surpassing the 20 million downloads milestone, this recent push towards diversification is further evidence of Kdan Mobile’s determination to break new ground in the mobile application and software markets.

Kdan Mobile’s productivity and creative tools, such as PDF Reader, NoteLedge, and Animation Desk, are available for downloads from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows App Store, and Mac App Store.

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Kdan Mobile Software is a company specializing in mobile application development. Kdan aims to bring a ubiquitous mobile operating environment to end users by providing innovative service and powerful technology. (C) 2013 Kdan Mobile Software Ltd. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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