Ottawa, Canada – Anytune, the top rated music practice app in the App Store that enables musicians to slow down music without changing the pitch, today announced the launch of a new product – Anytune 1.0 for Mac. Musicians use Anytune to learn to play or transcribe songs by slowing down the tempo, adjusting the pitch, repeating loops, and setting and sharing marks. Now musicians can use Anytune on their Macs and enjoy the same musician driven feature set that has made Anytune so popular on iPad and iPhone.

“Customers asked us to build a version of Anytune for the Mac.” said CEO Tony Wacheski, “Today, we’re proud to release Anytune for Mac. It uses iCloud to integrate nicely with our recently updated Anytune 3.9 app for iOS and has the same comprehensive set of music practice and transcription features.”

Musicians around the world are currently using Anytune to learn to play, transcribe and practice songs on their iPhones and iPads by slowing down the tempo, adjusting the pitch, repeating loops, setting navigation marks and sharing timed comments.

Anytune for Mac will be immediately familiar to musicians who use Anytune Pro on their iPads. Musical artists now have the same music practice tool set on their big screen devices that they have grown to depend on while using Anytune on their mobile devices. They can search, filter and import their iTunes music or use Anytune for Mac’s folders and playlists to organize their music outside of iTunes.

“I hope you will have much success when Anytune Mac launches. It really has the potential to become the standard software musicians use to learn.” said Anytune Mac Beta tester and Jazz Musician Sixten Bergman, “Most of the work I do nowadays I do with the help of Anytune. It is an essential part of my way of learning.”

The double waveform displays in Anytune allow musicians to visualize and quickly navigate to sections of interest in their songs. High quality tempo and pitch changing let artists practice at their own pace and pitch without unwanted audible artifacts. Loop marks and audio marks used for practicing or transcription can be created and shared via email to collaborate with others, or via iCloud to iPhones, iPads or other Macs.

The innovative FineTouch EQ and built-in presets help to pinpoint instruments for practicing. A LiveMix feature makes musicians feel like they’re playing in the band; plug in an instrument or microphone and perform along in a mix with a favourite track. The Step It Up Interval Trainer allows learners to start off slowly and gradually increase the speed over a looped section of a song. For musicians who need to transcribe music, Anytune simplifies transcription work flow by changing play-pause to pause-repeat, allowing a track to be traversed and repeated phrase by phrase more easily and in a more natural way for transcribers.

Anytune for Mac takes full advantage of the desktop bringing a new set of tools proven by over 300,000 downloads of Anytune iOS to musical artists around the world.

Anytune 1.0 for Mac is now available for download in the Mac App Store. A free demo version is also available.

Language Support:
English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese

System Requirements:
* Requires a Mac running OS-X 10.8 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Anytune 1.0 for Mac is $29.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies), and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Music category. A free demo version is also available.

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Anystone Technologies Inc. was founded in 2010 by Tony Wacheski and Sean Kormilo who collectively represent 30 years of telecommunications product development experience. Anystone Technologies created Anytune to enhance the music learning experience by leveraging the latest tablet and smartphone technology. Through listening intensely to customer feedback since its introduction, Anytune is consistently ranked as the highest-rated music practice app by its customers. Copyright (C) 2010 – 2013 Anystone Technologies Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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