Garden Grove, California – AppClover today is pleased to announce the overwhelmingly positive response to their AppClover website, which showcases the hottest app marketing and monetization strategies, tactics, and tips – and the latest proven methods for getting more eyeballs, more downloads, and more revenue – from the world’s top app experts. Designed especially for app Developers and Appreneurs, AppClover is dedicated to providing the information and tools necessary for every facet of app planning, developing, deploying, marketing, networking, and ultimately, monetizing.

It is commonly accepted wisdom within the industry that great app ideas are lost daily, because thousands of would-be appreneurs just do not know where to begin. Typical questions, which continue to challenge even experienced developers, include:
* How do I develop or outsource my App?
* How do I release my app to the world?
* How do I market my App?
* How do I make money from my App?

Co-Founders Len Wright and Matthew Lutz created AppClover to provide proven answers to these questions. The AppClover website is an exciting, dynamic, free resource for everyone involved with mobile apps. From forward-thinking apps and app business models, to innovative techniques, proven strategies, and unique methods of marketing and monetization, AppClover fills the gap in the mobile app development space by providing a place to learn, grow, share, and network with like-minded appreneurs.

Feature Highlights:
* AppClover provides a forum for those interested in all aspects of app development and marketing
* Expert contributors share their experiences with the reader
* Filled with resources, the site is ideal for networking
* Absolutely free and requiring no registration, the AppClover site covers all the latest news and strategies from the world of app development

According to Len Wright, CEO of AppClover, “Mobile technology is the next big thing, and it’s still in its infancy and growing rapidly every day. It’s causing an information revolution and creating a new age where everyone is connected. Even in places like Africa, many people, who don’t have the means to own computers, are bypassing them and using smartphones instead. In Egypt, social media posts from mobile phones contributed to the revolution that brought down President Hosni Mubarak.

“More than 5.1 billion mobile phones are being used worldwide, enough for two-thirds of the people on Earth. This IS a global market and it’s growing at an unprecedented pace, showing no signs of slowing down.

“As you’ve heard it said before, timing is everything. The mobile industry is in its early stages, as the Internet was in 1997. People, who saw the opportunity then, jumped in and had incredible success. For the ones who waited, it became more and more difficult to do so.

“And we’re at the same crossroads now. What happened with the Internet and websites then is exactly what’s happening now with Apps and mobile technology. The only difference is that the App world is growing far faster than the Internet did. Entering into the market now is a chance to jump ahead of the masses and not be left behind, saying years from now, ‘I wish I had.’

“The numbers are off the charts. According to the technology research firm Gartner, Inc., total worldwide Mobile App revenue is expected to explode to $58 billion by 2014. And this number will continue to grow because of society being hardwired to evolve and grow. Even with the recent global economic downturn, the App industry continues to grow.”

Len and Matt have as their goal creating value for the global App community as a whole. It is about uncovering the existing methods of top experts in app marketing and monetization, understanding how to apply these methods, and showing users how to design their own app success plan, implement it, and explode their app downloads.

“We openly share our visionary ideas and flesh them out into game-changing methods, tools, and tactics that will determine your appreneurial success,” asserted CEO Len Wright. “And we’ll share them all with you on AppClover.”

Company Overview
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Based in Anaheim, California, AppClover LLC was co-founded in 2012 by Len Wright and Matthew Lutz. CEO Len Wright boasts more than 20 years experience in sales, human behavior, online and offline marketing, joint ventures, and App brokering. He has demonstrated the rare ability to connect the dots and create massive leverage within the projects he works on. Len Co-Founded the Manifest Station, which compiled more than 650 hours of teaching video content, plus hundreds of articles, audio interviews, and content pieces from best-selling celebrity authors, coaches and entrepreneurs. COO Matthew Lutz founded and ran a 7-figure boutique advertising agency catering to an international clientele. Most recently, Matthew worked as an online and affiliate marketing gun-for-hire, called in on multiple, 7-figure product launches. The company has an energetic passion for building strong, value-based relationships, while creating win-win deals that always embody their philosophy of service and integrity. Copyright (C) 2012 AppClover LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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