Garden Grove, California – For appreneurs who are serious about becoming the next App Store success story, AppClover today announces the launch of App Roundtable, a first-of-its-kind program that brings together training from two mobile industry experts with live group coaching to help mobile app makers supercharge their app businesses.

This unique coaching program is for mobile developers and appreneurs interested in building their app businesses even bigger and stronger, or who already have apps live on the iTunes App Store or Google Play, but need help getting more exposure, climbing the rankings, and increasing their revenue.

Acceptance into the App Roundtable coaching program is by application only. The program is limited to 10 participants, who will enjoy a special $2,000 savings to celebrate the one-year anniversary of AppClover. Applications will only be accepted through June 11, 2013 while space remains. AppClover is inviting appreneurs to visit their website for more information and to apply today.

App Roundtable gives members the unheard of opportunity to be personally coached by two app industry experts: Abhinav “Nav” Gupta, Lead Developer and CEO of Game Scorpion Inc. and the author of “App Trillionaires: How to Become an App Developer”, and Matt Palmer, CMO of AppClover, experienced app marketer, and graduate of MIT.

Having successfully launched and marketed 165+ apps collectively, Nav and Matt deliver not just the strategies and insights to help skyrocket their clients’ app businesses, but also share lessons from the trenches of strategies and pitfalls to avoid.

“App Roundtable has been designed to be the world’s top coaching and mentoring program for appreneurs,” said Matt Palmer. “It’s your opportunity to join forces with two app experts plus a world-class community of appreneurs just like yourself who will be lead down the path to success by the hand.”

“I often share the stage with the industry’s biggest success stories and I’m privy to their proven strategies that 99% of developers don’t have the privilege of ever finding out,” said Abhinav Gupta. “But we’ll be revealing these proven tactics throughout the App Roundtable program to help you get results quickly.”

App Roundtable is ideal for the appreneur who needs hands-on support in getting traffic to their app so they can turn their efforts into a profitable app business strategy. The goal is real, long-term success with one or more of their own apps, not following each new fad to be a flash in the pan.

Program members will benefit from a combination of live virtual trainings and coachings, along with resources and exercises through the course of the 10 week program. The emphasis is on driving traffic quickly and putting into place the fundamental marketing systems to build an app legacy.

Topics covered in App Roundtable include:
* Getting loyal customers and raving fans
* Doubling app discoverability
* How to rocket up the App Store rankings
* Top ways to get massive publicity
* Building buzz with social media
* Monetization strategies of leading apps
* And more

The tactics taught are backed by the industry’s leading resources, AppClover and Appreneur Magazine. So members can be confident they are getting access to the very latest strategies based on first-hand experience and the company’s work with developers worldwide.

App Roundtable
App Roundtable Application
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Based in California, AppClover LLC was co-founded in 2012 by Len Wright and Matthew Lutz. CEO Len Wright boasts more than 20 years experience in sales, human behavior, online and offline marketing, joint ventures, and App brokering. He has demonstrated the rare ability to connect the dots and create massive leverage within the projects he works on. Len Co-Founded the Manifest Station, which compiled more than 650 hours of teaching video content, plus hundreds of articles, audio interviews, and content pieces from best-selling celebrity authors, coaches and entrepreneurs. COO Matthew Lutz founded and ran a 7-figure boutique advertising agency catering to an international clientele. Most recently, Matthew worked as an online and affiliate marketing gun-for-hire, called in on multiple, 7-figure product launches. The company has an energetic passion for building strong, value-based relationships, while creating win-win deals that always embody their philosophy of service and integrity. Copyright (C) 2013 AppClover LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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