Muenchenstein, Switzerland – There are 750,000 apps in the App Store. However, only a fraction of them are being featured in the App Store. To gain a better perspective AppZapp offers an iPhone and iPad version of its mobile app information service.

App fans use the service to gain access to well-sorted lists of all new apps, updates, charts or bargains while on the road. The App Store does not provide, for example, a complete listing of all new products.

Especially popular amongst users is AppZapp’s bargain service. It provides information about apps that are being offered at a reduced price, or completely free, due to marketing promotions.

Sascha Brenk, managing director of ConIT AG: “Sooner or later even top apps, and longstanding bestsellers, are being given away for free for a limited period of time. Anyone that keeps an eye on AppZapp’s bargain-list on a daily basis is able to download several top apps completely free.”

AppZapp also offers an editorial service. Each day a team introduces three hand-picked apps that are well worth a download – helping the user to be selective in their choice of apps.

More than two million users have taken advantage of the free registration, and now belong to the AppZapp community. Via push alert or e-mail they obtain information about monitored apps or new projects of their favorite developers, they may review apps on AppZapp or exchange information with friends. The personal stream – just like a social network – lets a user keep an eye on the activities of friends.

AppZapp 5.0: New design, uncluttered app data sheets, chat with the community. Starting immediately AppZapp apps are available in the new 5.0 version. Everything was questioned, optimized and expanded. Below are the most important changes:

* New Design: The entire AppZapp design has been modernized, cleaned up and improved. The changes are not only evident on the menu page. They are also apparent in the completely revised display of comments, and on the community profile page. The list of collections is presented in an improved version as well. It now features a new detail view, which provides even more clarity.

* New App Detail Page: AppZapp offers a detail page for each app, which supplies additional information, including a price development chart for the previous months, or a video. The detail page now features a modular set up, so not needed information may be hidden. At the same time, in-app purchases are offered in such a way that they are apparent at first glance. Screenshots may be viewed in full-screen mode, videos in landscape mode. The most popular comments are presented in a preview.

* Deleting / Editing Comments: New comments can now be edited for 15 minutes or deleted immediately.

* New Chat Feature: This is probably the most important function of the update. The app lets members of the AppZapp community chat directly, so they may exchange information about new apps or bargains. It is also possible to send apps and collections as a chat message.

AppZapp for the iPhone and AppZapp HD for the iPad are being offered as free, ad-supported apps. Advertising banners may be removed for $0.99 (USD).

Also, the company offers two fee-based apps – AppZapp Pro ($0.99) for the iPhone and AppZapp HD for the iPad ($ 0.99). They supply additional features such as the automatic translation of community comments, so that users from around the world are able to communicate with each other. Furthermore, a price alarm may be set that does not send out a notification for each price change, but only when the user-defined price has been reached.

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ConIT AG, based in Basel, Switzerland, is a company with experiences in Web Development, Mobile Development, Database Development, Online Marketing and Consulting. ConIT AG Switzerland provides a service with AppZapp which allows the search and finding of products, programs and apps by multiple providers. They offer their clients an even easier search for new and interesting apps and bargains with their own AppZapp related app. Copyright (C) 2013 ConIT AG. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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