NY, Prague/ USA, Czech Republic – Recently, the USA PRISM program, which makes it possible to spy on people and their actions on the Internet, has been making headlines and attracting the attention of both the lay person and experts. Some Internet companies who are running popular cloud services supposedly have given access to the NSA and FBI in order to monitor and collect data.

This situation has resulted in some companies marketing coded calling for cell phone users. However, these systems are expensive and have many uncomfortable features. The first problem is the necessity of data connection on both sides of the communication. These services aren’t always of the highest quality, and it might get pricey when traveling abroad. Another problem with phone call encryption is there is a chance someone is listening using sensitive microphones or other eavesdropping high-tech devices.

So what about smartphone users? There are lots of popular apps like Viber, Skype or WhatsApp, but all of them have an issue, which is a central server and the necessity of data connection. But trusting third parties represents a major problem. The user has no choice but to trust the provider, and that the communication is only seen by the recipient, But is this true?

Does the provider store messages on a central server? Are these messages encrypted? Or is there a way for programs like PRISM to reach personal data? There is no way of knowing.

Solution for common users – Babel – Encrypted Messaging:
OKsystem has come up with a unique solution for safe texting. The solution is a simple application called Babel – Encrypted Messaging. It is a simple, yet professional solution for sending and receiving encrypted messages. Babel doesn’t need any third party server, and it does not require data connection.

OKsystem has created a platform which enables users who use Babel to send and receive end-to-end encrypted messages, which means that each transmission is encoded at its starting point, and decoded it at its destination. Advantage of Babel is its cross-platform utilization. It works on Apple iOS and Google Android.

Babel, when compared to similar applications, is very reasonable cost-wise. There is no monthly fee. It is also very important to protect in-house communication with business partners, and even more important to stay up to date with all attempts to break into companies and spy their business success. Scalability for hundreds and thousands of employees, and easy management of the system, is a must-have.

So what do we have in store for businesses and professional users?
Solution for businesses – Babel Enterprise: Babel Enterprise uses the same mobile clients, and it is based on the same principles for encrypted messages, as Babel. Communication is encrypted at its starting point, and decrypted at its final destination. There is no third party involved in the transmission. OKsystem only set up servers at the client´s side for maintenance and distribution of users public keys, and for acquiring of users accounts from an already established database, e.g. LDAP.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 6.0 or later
* 2.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Babel – Encrypted Messaging 1.2.2 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Social Networking category. It is also available on Google Play.

Babel – Encrypted Messaging 1.2.2
Download from iTunes
Download from Google Play
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