Battle Creek, Michigan – Tracy Falbe author of The Rys Chronicles and Rys Rising fantasy series was the guest author on the 224th episode of the long running podcast Adventures in Scifi Publishing on August 18th. Her nearly hour long interview with executive producer Timothy C. Ward introduced listeners to her fantasy world, magical system, and her many years of experience as an independent author.

Falbe is the author of eight fantasy novels: Union of Renegades, The Goddess Queen, Judgment Rising, The Borderlands of Power, Rys Rising, Savage Storm, New Religion, and Love Lost. Her interview focused on Rys Rising, the first novel in the series she completed last October with the publication of Love Lost.

Falbe writes epic series that span years and include multiple civilizations within the magical world of the rys, the race she developed for her fiction. She discussed with Ward her techniques for managing a large cast of characters and emphasized that people are capable of following complex sagas. Citing the popular television series Mad Men, Falbe noted that viewers happily juggle multiple story lines season after season.

In her fiction, Falbe works with heavy themes like oppression, war, and how religion is used to control and exploit societies. In Rys Rising one of the main rys characters named Dacian is highly idealistic but intractable oppression beats him down.

Falbe said, “Dacian starts out wanting to be like Martin Luther King Jr. but ends up like Pol Pot.”

As a writer her goal is to tie all her story lines together and build one big story across the series while crafting a specific story within each novel.

Because she has been self publishing fiction since 2005, Falbe also answered questions about her writing and editing process. She revealed some of the items on her editing checklist and how she applies it to every chapter.

The Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcast was created in 2006 by retired host Shaun Farrell. Continuing with Ward as executive producer, the podcast can boast of interviews with Neil Gaiman and Patrick Rothfuss.

Describing the podcast, Ward said, “It provides literary inspiration for book lovers and writers.”

He added, “I grew up a fan of the show, jogging to success stories by my favorite authors, and now aim to continue the tradition with weekly inspiration to your search for great books and the dream of writing full time.”

Falbe appreciated the chance to appear on the podcast because indie authors have limited opportunities to communicate with readers.

The podcast with her interview can be accessed at the Adventures in Scifi Publishing website and at iTunes. Additionally readers can find all of Falbe’s novels at her web store Brave Luck Books or any major online ebook retailer, including Apple’s iBooks.

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