Klaipeda, Lithuania – Realore today is pleased to announce the release of Jane’s Hotel Mania for Mac. It is the third installment in the hit time management game series about businesswoman Jane. As compared to previous installments, Jane’s Hotel Mania features better graphics, new upgrades and decorations as well as new types of customers. Players can enjoy the atmosphere of a busy hotel, increase its popularity and keep the clients happy.

The game starts when Jane offers her niece Jenny a position of a hotel manager in a family business. Jenny gladly accepts. Players’ mission as Jenny is to manage hotels in different parts of the world and become a business magnate.

In Jane’s Hotel Mania, there are 40 levels and 8 hidden object mini-games for players to enjoy. The action takes place in 4 hotels built in Scotland, Egypt, Monaco and Russia. Players’ goal is to serve all the clients and earn a certain amount of money. With the earned revenue players can buy new furniture, decorative items and various upgrades that increase each hotel’s popularity.

Players will be assisted by a maid and a porter. After each level the characters can learn new skills that make running a hotel easier and faster. Maid will clean rooms, water flowers, bring guests fluffy pillows and warm blankets while porter will take pictures, sell souvenirs and repair appliances. Players can also hire a musician to entertain clients and earn more points. All the multitasks combined create the busy atmosphere of a hotel people want to stay in.

There are different types of rooms – single, double and luxury suites. Each client has their own room preference. When they get a room they want, their loyalty increases, and the specific amount of loyalty will allow players to upgrade rooms.

The game features improved graphics, new tasks and customer types that add to the experience of feeling like an aspiring hotel manager in charge of a growing business.

“Jane’s Hotel Mania is the third installment in Jane’s Hotel series. The game is fast-paced, challenging and fun. It is vastly improved compared to its predecessors and features lots of new upgrades. We think that Jane’s Hotel Mania will be entertaining for every time management game fan.”- said Natalia Matveeva, head of business development at Realore.

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