New Albany, Ohio – Royal Tern Software, Inc. today is pleased to announce that Beetle Puzzle for iOS has become available worldwide, exclusively through the App Store in the Games Category. Beetle Puzzle is a simple puzzle game that you will enjoy very much. There are 33 puzzle pieces to solve. Each puzzle piece has some Beetles arranged on a board and some vacant slots. You remove a Beetle by moving another Beetle over it onto a vacant slot. Continue to play until you win or there are no more moves to play. For a win you are required to finish with one, two or three Beetles on the board.

The game starts with simple puzzle pieces and then challenges you more and more as you keep solving. Many of the puzzles look deceptively easy but you could spend lot of fun time in solving them due to many possibilities. Beautiful graphics and nice sounds add to your playing experience.

For every win a certain number of different Beetles are added to your personal Beetle collection gallery. Some puzzle pieces are more difficult compared to other pieces and award more Beetles for a winning play. A Leaderboard compares your play with other players from around the world, tracks your achievements and enables you to challenge friends to beat your score for fun.

The game encourages problem solving skills, memory training, pattern spotting and cognitive skills and is suitable for all age groups. For toddlers, this game helps improve basic manipulation skills (drag and drop, touch). The game was provided to a few family and friends to try out and some of the reviews received included:

“My 8 year old daughter absolutely loved this game. The game play is straightforward and she got engrossed pretty quickly. This is a perfect kids game. Thank you.”

“For a change my 10 year old son is interested in playing something which encourages him to think logically and do problem solving.”

“Helped me overcome the boredom of a long flight when travelling to a client meeting. Interesting game. I had good fun solving some of the challenging pieces.”

The Game has other fun features such as a Beetle Collection Gallery, Leaderboards and Achievements using which you can compare your scores with friends or challenge them to beat your Beetle Collection or scores. The Leaderboards provide various comparisons such as fastest completion times and scores for players from around the world.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 5.0 for later
* Universal app optimized for display on all iOS devices
* 43.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Beetle Puzzle 1.0 is available at the Tier 1 App pricing worldwide, exclusively through the App Store in the Games Category for all markets. In the USA it is available for 99 cents.

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Beetle Puzzle 1.0
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