Sacramento, California – Do children prefer casual or educational games? In the ever-growing market of apps for kids, this is a common question that developers are constantly trying to answer. Aiming to determine what their audience finds most engaging, the developer of the popular Lola Panda suite of apps, BeiZ takes a closer look at their apps and finds promising results. While comparing various elements, BeiZ discovered that their latest educational app, I Spy with Lola was preferred over casual games in most categories.

Developed with children and parents in mind, the Lola Panda suite of apps aims to provide not only fun games but educational tools for kids as well. To ensure their products were valuable to their market, BeiZ compared I Spy with Lola to the average and median data of children using an iPad. While evaluating the average length of a game session, user retention and median amount of sessions in a week they found that their app exceeded most others in the comparison group by a significant margin.

“We found that the average game session of I Spy with Lola was over 3 times longer and user retention surpassed median kid games by over 20%. Additionally, weekly sessions were twice as frequent as other kid’s category benchmarks”, Explains Mika Heikinheimo CEO BeiZ.

Although this data does not represent the entire market of children’s games, the comparison of the I Spy with Lola app provides BeiZ with insight as to what their audience prefers and how to best focus their efforts in the future. Each of the apps within the Lola Panda suite provide players with an engaging interface that include educational elements ranging from vocabulary skills, mathematics, word identification and problem solving. Coupled with interactive game play, BeiZ combines the best of both worlds creating apps that both parents and kids can enjoy.

In an effort to continue developing apps that combine both elements, BeiZ has also released the lite version of I Spy with Lola and is now available for free for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

Lola Panda Suite
I Spy With Lola FREE: A Fun Clue Game for Kids! (iOS)
I Spy With Lola FREE: A Fun Clue Game for Kids! (iPad)
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BeiZ is a game studio that concentrates on providing enjoyable educational solutions and non-violent games for children. BeiZ also assists its partners in publishing their games and mobile content. BeiZ has headquarters in Finland and operations also in China. Copyright (C) 2012 BeiZ Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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