Plympton, Massachusetts – On October 20th, 2013 the CAT-ACLYSM will commence. Launching for iOS devices, CAT-ACLYSM is an explosive filled, physics based arcade game. Rampage your way across the world obliterating everything in your path. Solve real life physics based puzzles with explosives. Help Captain Cuddles extract vengeance against those who would dare to book a vet appointment.

In CAT-ACLYSM you (Captain Cuddles) pilot a ship around various cities dropping explosive hairballs. When these hairballs explode, so do the surrounding buildings. Your objective is to reduce the buildings to rubble, making sure nothing stands above the goal line. CAT-ACLYSM is a universal app and playable on the iPad, iPhone and iPhone5.

* Boast high scores in Game Center
* Proclaim accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter
* Incredible lifelike physics
* Strike Fear in one of six different space ships
* Annihilate everything with the mega bomb
* Acquire achievements for doing awesome stuff

CAT-ACLYSM, is a free-to-try game. It is available worldwide through the App Store. If you like what you see, a simple unlock gives you access to over 90 more levels, accomplishments, custom ships, no ads and two mega bombs. Hours of fun, guaranteed!

Beware the CAT-ACLYSM!

A limited number of promo codes are available for a pre-release preview.

Download from iTunes Oct 20th
YouTube Video
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

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