Mountain View, California – Bitcasa, the company that makes your digital belongings infinitely useful, today launched its Developer Program with the release of the Bitcasa Secure Storage API. The API gives mobile and desktop apps an easy-to-use, full-featured, and device-independent storage layer.

“We want to make storage simple again in a multi-device world,” said Brian Taptich, CEO of Bitcasa. “We’re excited to see how developers will leverage our pervasive storage platform to backup, sync, stream, and share content, regardless of device or platform. The Bitcasa Secure Storage API offers developers a powerful way to access and share content via all mobile, web, and desktop apps.”

Simplified Secure Storage
The Bitcasa Secure Storage API enables apps to become a part of users everyday digital life. With more than 35 petabytes of user files under management, developers can also reach a whole new audience to help organize, share, and stream users digital content.

Key features of the API include:
* Storage – A secure and device-independent storage layer that focuses on organizing, sharing, and discovering personal content across all devices
* Security – Designed using encrypted block-based storage with AES-256 encryption, Bitcasa ensures complete user privacy
* Access & Sharing – Any uploaded content is immediately available on all devices without syncing. Upload once, then access and share instantly
* Instant Streaming – Optimized for media streaming, Bitcasa allows any content to be streamed without having to download first. A familiar file and folder organization allows content to be streamed in their native format
* Availability – SDKs will be available for Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and .NET

API Possibilities:
From productivity apps to media streaming, Bitcasa enables your apps to better connect users with their favorite content. Here are examples of what Bitcasa’s partners are doing with the Secure Storage API:
* Plex Cloud Sync – A media app that manages all of your personal media, Plex Cloud Sync is using Bitcasa as part of its Cloud Sync media storage and streaming solution. Users can stream their movies, photos and music to any device without the hassles of proxies and firewalls.
* Kloudless – A cloud storage service that integrates Gmail with Outlook, Kloudless has created a Bitcasa plugin that enables the secure storage and automated management of email attachments. By giving users access to cloud storage from within their email inboxes, Kloudless makes it easy and intuitive to securely share cloud files.
* Otixo – A service that aggregates many popular cloud services into a single app for managing files, Otixo is integrating the new API to create Otixo “Spaces.” This enables users to easily share, track and comment across files and folders with multiple people.

Taptich added, “Our unique approach to secure cloud storage provides a great platform to build on, and we anticipate many will use our API to deliver new personal productivity, media, and collaborative applications.”

The Bitcasa Secure Storage API will initially be available in open beta form, with general availability expected in Q1 2014. Developers interested in registering for the Developers Program open beta can visit website.

Supporting Quotes:
* “We are on a quest to make media consumption as easy and enjoyable as possible. The Bitcasa API has helped us deliver on this goal by making unlimited digital storage and streaming to any device a breeze,” says Scott Olechowski, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder at Plex.
* “Bitcasa’s API is a technology that will enable Kloudless to drive strong, sustained user engagement from within their inbox, especially with users who need to handle rich media files,” says Eliot Sun, Co-Founder and CEO at Kloudless. “As streaming video, high res graphics, animated gifs and other large file types continue to be shared, users will look to a solution that enables them to access and share that content. Connecting one’s email to Bitcasa is a natural solution.”
* “We’re thrilled to bring Bitcasa into our family of more than 30 cloud services. It’s been one of the most requested additions to Otixo for the last year by our users. The API is well documented, the support has been great, and it’s been a snap to integrate,” says Shannon Thomas, CEO at Otixo.


Founded by former MasterCard and Mozy employees and backed by top-tier investors, including Horizons Ventures, Pelion Venture Partners, Samsung Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz, Bitcasa is a cloud storage solution that provides a home for your digital belongings. Bitcasa believes that your digital belongings are your own, and that only you should control who can access and use them. With access across all devices; Android, iOS, Windows, Windows RT, Mac OSX, and the Web, Bitcasa enables you to take your digital belongings with you everywhere. Bitcasa designed the software to ensure complete privacy with client-side encryption, so your belongings are always your own. Download at website and follow us at Twitter and Facebook.

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