Monrovia, California – Xvida CEO, Uros Cadez, announces launch of Kickstarter campaign. Tech-design firm Xvida has launched its Kickstarter campaign for Boomerang, the first all-in-one mount and stand for the iPad. Investment raised on the crowd-funding Kickstarter platform will supplement existing venture capital and push Xvida’s tech triumph into full production. In today’s release video, Uros Cadez, Xvida CEO, has introduced Boomerang for the first time.

“Boomerang combines two of the most common ways in which we use the iPad,” said Cadez, “It’s a superior iPad stand with three solid viewing angles; it can also act as a mounting system to other surfaces with its simple, magnetically detachable mount, which works a bit like the MacBook power cord.”

“Like many people, I’ve been big fan of the iPad ever since its 2010 launch, but since then I’d been looking for the perfect accessory, something which allowed me to type at exactly the right angle. I wanted to step into my car and use iPad as a navigation device without having to constantly change all the mounts, cases, and adapters. I wanted to loose myself in a movie no matter how hard the workout at the gym. My guess was that many others loved the iPad, but not the need to constantly adapt it to its environment. Our research proved this and we advanced with our prototypes.”

Cadez came up with the idea to develop Boomerang while working in London as a computer graphics artist, creating visual effects for TV and the movie industry. Although he had the expertise to visualize and animate, the turning point was when he joined forces with Luka Stepan, a talented friend from the Royal College of Art’s London Design School. Together, they began designing Boomerang.

For the past 18 months Cadez has been working with a team of experienced young professionals, leaning on their detailed knowledge of consumer design, plastics, mechanical engineering and manufacturing to develop the perfect iPad companion.

“Boomerang was designed from the ground up, using the finest machining technologies. This allowed us to build a sleek, thin and foldable device without compromising on its sturdiness. We performed stress tests to make sure the device is ready to perform with the toughest of your daily challenges, day after day.”

Boomerang is the first all-in-one mount and stand, but Cadez plans to open-source one side of Boomerang’s interface and in doing so enable others to develop and even sell their own mounts.

Boomerang on Kickstarter

XVIDA is an iPad product design company specializing in consumer market iPad mounting solutions. XVIDA is a European tech start-up based in Slovenia and Los Angeles, dedicated to developing simple, elegant tablet computing mounting solutions. Boomerang enables users to do more with their favourite gadget. A talented team of experienced young professionals with detailed knowledge of consumer product design, plastics, mechanical engineering and manufacturing, combined under the umbrellas of an online sales and marketing team. Copyright (C) 2012 Xvida. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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