Montpellier, France – Aquafadas, innovative developer of digital publishing solutions, today announced updates to its award-winning Digital Publishing System. Version 3.1 now features support for iOS 7 app development, newly available premium enrichments including real world physics and games, and improvements for Android apps creation.

Updates to the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System 3.1 InDesign Plugin Include:

* The ability to add brand new premium enrichments, including: 1) Real world physics – add physical properties to any element of the design. Create animations using the tablet’s accelerometer; content responds to gravity and moves with the tablet, allowing publishers to create games like “Coconut Shy” and “Marble in a Maze” and 2) Maze Collider – without writing a single line of code, publishers can create a maze with obstacles to entertain readers
* New option to control the HTML animation inside the page and bypass some limitations of iOS, allowing several animations to play at the same time
* Initial support for Mavericks (Mac OS 10.9)

AVE AppFactory iOS Updates Include:

* Technical support for iOS 7: create all the splash screens and icons now required by Apple
* Fully compatible with the latest version of the InDesign Plugin 3.1
* Support for new enrichments: Maze Collider and Physics
* Support for progressive downloads for Spotlight template
* Improvement for right-to-left reading in AVE-PDF
* Stability improvements in the comics viewer on iOS 7

AVE AppFactory Android Updates Include:

* Support for new enrichments: Drag and Drop, Draw, and Maze Collider
* Support for progressive downloads
* Huge improvements in the rendering of AVE-PDF

About the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System
Aquafadas’ Digital Publishing System provides an end-to-end workflow for digital publishing, facilitating content design, App creation and distribution. It combines the most advanced tools with a versatile library of ready-to-use Apps, ePUB 3 export, and the new WebReader. Using the latest version of the Aquafadas Digital Publishing Solution version 3.1, publishers can:

* Create and publish custom iOS and Android apps without writing a single line of code.
* Export in optimized ePUB formats for Kobo Arc and Glo, the Amazon Kindle Fire, and the Apple iBooks Store.
* Create digital publications that can be embedded into a WebReader and displayed on a website.
* Easily browse through and purchase publishing solutions in the brand new web store.

The Aquafadas Digital Publishing System also provides powerful marketing tools, including the ability to integrate advertising campaigns and offer one-click in-App purchases. Sales and reader behavior analysis, now a crucial part of digital publishing, can be done using analytical tools such as Google Analytics which integrates directly with the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System.

Aquafadas Digital Publishing System v3.1
Press Kit

Aquafadas, a pioneer in digital publishing technology, enables the creation and mass distribution of graphics rich, interactive digital content such as books, comics, corporate documents, magazines, and newspapers, across all major platforms including smartphones, tablets and the web. Businesses all over the world rely on Aquafadas purpose-built content creation and distribution solutions to achieve their digital publishing strategies, significantly expanding content reach while lowering overhead costs. Some of Aquafadas prestigious customers include Bayard, Carrefour, Egmont International, Kelby Media Group, Lagardere, Mondadori, Reader’s Digest, Sanoma, Standard & Poors and Vodafone. In addition to the Aquafadas Digital Publishing Solution, the company’s line of award-winning creative software is utilized daily by thousands of graphic designers, web developers, photographers and video editors from the avid enthusiast to the seasoned professional. A Rakuten group business, Aquafadas also provides its technological expertise to Kobo, the world’s fastest growing e-reader provider.

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