Seoul, Korea – Brush Brush Cocomong is an interactive app intended to educate children on the virtues of oral hygiene through enchanting, animated entertainment. The app, from the app development team Dudu CS, features the beloved animated character Cocomong.

Cocomong and his friends inhabit a fantasy world inside of a refrigerator. Each of the 11 characters is a fanciful fusion of a cute animal and a food. Cocomong is a monkey/sausage creation, Ahrome is a boiled egg/rabbit mix, and Ohmong is Cocomong’s fried shrimp/dog pet. They’re joined by Ahgul (cucumber and alligator), Kairo (a hygiene loving horse and carrot combo), and many others!

The friendly little monkey leads children through a step by step tutorial on keeping their teeth clean. The app also features a brushing game: children touch different snacks and move them toward Cocomong’s mouth – making him happy, but causing cavity germs to form. Once Cocomong is finished eating, children can load up his tooth brush with tooth paste and brush away the germs. There’s an interactive storybook as well, which features optional narration. Flash cards show different hygiene items and invite children to learn the associated words. If they have trouble reading the word aloud, a tap on the speaker icon lets them hear Cocomong pronounce it for them.

Children will most love the full-length animated Cocomong adventure. This 3D animated 12 minute movie shows Cocomong and his friends enjoying sugary snacks together and bemoaning the process of brushing their teeth. Their nemesis, a mold-obsessed mad scientist mouse hatches a plan to get them to give up tooth brushing by chewing gum instead. Cocomong saves the day by activating his robot friend Robocong to brush away the badness.

Brush Brush Cocomong is educational, entertaining, and promotes friendship, cooperation, healthy snacking, and good oral hygiene in a format that children will love. The app’s interface is simple enough for very small children to use, and it invites parents to spend quality time teaching their children the value of brushing their teeth after each and every snack.

Brush Brush Cocomong is available now on sale in the iTunes App Store for $1.99 (Reg. $3.99), a great price for an app that will entertain children for many hours with games and animations while teaching them at the same time.


* Lovable animated characters are modeled after brightly colored animals and plants, and capture your child’s imagination.

* Brush Brush Cocomong portrays good oral hygiene as an exciting, fun activity, and one that should never be skipped.

* Interactive flash cards help with reading comprehension, as each card shows the word and can be tapped to hear Cocomong say it aloud.

* Each step of brushing one’s teeth is shown in detail by Cocomong; children will look forward to brushing along with their animated friend.

* The story book can be read aloud by parents or children, or read by the narrator

* The brushing game shows children it takes some time to brush germs away to get clean teeth. Practicing on Cocomong’s teeth is great practice for brushing their own!

* The video offers a 12 minute episode of Cocomong and his friends!

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later
* 144 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Brush Brush Cocomong 1.0.1 is $1.99 (USD) for limited time and available worldwide through the iTunes App Store in the Education category.

Dudu CS
Brush Brush Cocomong 1.0.1
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