Wilmington, Delaware – Bubble Chart Pro(tm) Version 5.2 for Mac and Windows introduces 3-dimensional (“3D”) rotating bubble charts, providing business managers and executives with a whole new way of looking at their data. 3D bubble charts let managers explore and compare project relationships against 4 different criteria simultaneously, such as cost, resources requirements, risk, and profit, in a single chart.

Managers can “look around” a 3D bubble chart by rotating the chart horizontally and vertically on their monitors. This lets them explore their data thoroughly in the 3D environment, and get different perspectives in a natural interactive manner.

In a 3D bubble chart, projects are represented by bubbles floating in a 3-dimensional rectangular space where data is represented by the X, Y, and Z axes and the size of the bubble. By dividing the space into 4 sections or quadrants, managers can determine at a glance which are their best projects and which are their worst projects. For example, the top, left, front quadrant might contain the projects with the lowest costs, lowest risk, and highest strategic value whereas the bottom, right, back quadrant would contain the projects with the highest costs, highest risk, and lowest strategic value.

The 3D bubble charts are highly customizable to allow users to choose the look that they want, including changing colors, gradients, pictures, fonts, etc.

Bubble Chart Pro with 3D bubble charts comes in three editions. Bubble Chart Pro BASIC is the basic bubble charting application, and includes fully customizable 2D and 3D bubble charting capabilities. Bubble Chart Pro PLUS includes a SMART prioritizer for prioritizing or ranking projects, project bar charts, and an executive dashboard. Bubble Chart Pro OPTIMAL adds an easy to use quantitative optimizer for finding an optimized portfolio of projects that will deliver the maximum value when the business doesn’t have enough capital, resources, or risk tolerance to do all the projects in its portfolio.

“Managers can save money and reduce risk by using the new 3D bubble charts to help select their best portfolio of business investments,” says George Huhn, developer of Bubble Chart Pro(tm). “And they can get started today without needing to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for an enterprise project portfolio management tool. We have made project prioritization and portfolio optimization easy, affordable, and beautiful for business people looking to start using modern analytics in their decision-making.”

Pricing and Availability:
Bubble Chart Pro starts at only $149.97 (USD), and a free demonstration version can be downloaded from the application’s website. All Bubble Chart Pro editions can be used in the latest Mac and Windows operating systems.

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The Bubble Chart Pro family of applications is a product of Data Machines, Inc. Founded in 2000, Data Machines, Inc provides customers and clients with world-class business analytic software and consulting services for maximizing their business value. In addition to Bubble Chart Pro, the company also offers Optsee(r), a powerful project portfolio management simulation and optimization tool. Bubble Chart Pro(tm) is a trademark of Data Machines, Inc. Copyright (C) 2013 Data Machines, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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