Mossingen, Germany – AroundCalS is the “S”mall version of AroundCal. AroundCalS is the calendar and organizer for every one. AroundCalS can show you all your iOS events, and if you add a new event in AroundCalS, it will automatically be shown in the iOS calendar.

Most calendar apps only display the original iOS events in different manner. With AroundCal and AroundCalS you can additionally add a photo, a checkable list with a value for each entry, a tag image or a priority to every event. And you can select for each event if it is done or has been started. In AroundCalS 1.1 and AroundCal 3.7 you can easily add your own tag images from your photo library. If you select for an event an address from address book or history stack and save that event, also a template will be saved for the selected tag and address. If you later add a new event and select this tag and address, you can use this template for the new event, incl. list, priority and all the event settings like alarm, recurrence, etc.

In the calendar view you see the events of the selected day under the calendar and you can shrink the calendar to the selected week to have more room for the event list. You can copy or cut an event and insert it on another day in the calendar. You can send an event as email attachment, or the event info as message, or send it to Twitter or Facebook. Also, a graphical week view is available.

In the list view, you can see all events of a week, a month or a year, and you can start a full text search in the shown range. AroundCalS can display birthdays, also Facebook birthdays, and you can select in the settings view up to two of your subscribed holiday calendars to show the days for them in different background colors. In the settings, you can also define birthday alerts, if not done tasks from the last five days shall automatically be moved to today, what to show in the badge counter, and more.

The difference between AroundCalS and AroundCal: In AroundCal you also can add a voice memo to each event, you can add projects and someday projects to categorize your events, and you can add actions with due date and any number of breaks and create events from actions and vice versa. In AroundCal you have more setting possibilities, and you can buy In Apps for different things like exporting events and actions in csv format, calculating days between dates, or a list editor to create base lists from which you can select later in the list of an event. AroundCal has a lot of five stars in the German App Store, and hopefully AroundCal or AroundCalS will also become your calendar on the iPhone. Both, AroundCal and AroundCalS support the iPhone 5 display format.

Requirements: AroundCal and AroundCalS run on iOS 5.1 or later.
AroundCalS 1.1 is now available for $0.99 in the U.S. and is priced accordingly in other regions. AroundCal and AroundCalS are available world-wide from Apple´s App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch

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