Casselberry, Florida – Econ Technologies updates ChronoSync to version 4.4.1 with several fixes including improved connectivity to iPads running InterConneX. ChronoSync is the automated synchronization and backup application for Mac(R) OS X that can synchronize, backup, and create bootable backups. ChronoSync can synchronize or backup to almost anything you can connect to your Mac. That includes folders on your Mac, other Macs, PC’s, external drives, NAS drives, or anything you can mount to your Mac. Even sync to iPads using the combination of ChronoSync and InterConneX. ChronoSync is a Mac OS X app and a free trial is available online at InterConneX is a free iPad app and is available at the Apple App Store.

ChronoSync 4.4.1 contains several minor fixes that enhance stability. As always, all existing ChronoSync users update for free. We are continuously updating all our apps by adding new features, enhancing existing capabilities, and fixing any glitches while never charging for new versions. No user is ever left behind. For a complete list of ChronoSync 4.4.1 fixes, read the release notes available online.

This release follows the initial release of InterConneX for iPad and the major release of ChronoSync 4.4. InterConneX is a file management and file sharing app for the iPad. With InterConneX you can create a repository of files so that you can store and organize files and folders in one location on an iPad just like on a Mac. In addition to managing and storing files, InterConneX allows you to share your files between other iPads running InterConneX and sync your files to Macs running ChronoSync. Along with the release of InterConneX, ChronoSync version 4.4 added InterConneX connectivity. ChronoSync can synchronize files directly from a Mac to an iPad running InterConneX. ChronoSync has always been the perfect solution for keeping files synchronized between two or more Macs. Now you can add iPads to the mix and keep your files synchronized between Macs and iPads.

ChronoSync is the automated synchronization and backup application for Mac OS X that can synchronize, backup, and create bootable backups. ChronoSync for Mac runs on Macintosh computers and is designed to work on Mac OS X 10.6 and higher. Download and try the demo, or purchase ChronoSync for $40. ChronoSync is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese.

InterConneX is the File Management and File Sharing app for the iPad. InterConneX will run on iOS 5 or 6. InterConneX is a free no ad app and is available from the Apple App Store. InterConneX for the iPhone will be released late summer 2013.

Econ Technologies, Inc has been creating Apple software for over 20 years including the ChronoSync Connection which links ChronoSync(TM) for Mac(R) OS X, ChronoAgent(TM) for Mac(R) OS X, and InterConneX(TM) for the iPad(R) together. For information about the ChronoSync Connection go to or contact Joe Japes at

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ChronoSync Release Notes

Econ Technologies, Inc. was established in Central Florida in 1991 by D. Proni. It is named after the Econlockhatchee River, which flows near our offices in Oviedo, FL. Initially formed to create hard drive systems and utility software for Apple computers, Econ shifted its focus in 1993 towards Apple Macintosh software development. Copyright (C) 1991-2013 Econ Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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