Boston, Massachusetts – FxFactory, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, introduces CineFlare CineText to its extensive family of plugins. Designed exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X, CineText is the first of many highly anticipated animated title packages coming from CineFlare. Just the right tool for adding professional, animated text titles, CineText adds a burst of life to any project.

CineText offers endless creative options for optimal customization. The FxFactory plugin comes with 20 different custom-made animated titles, each with its own quick-choose drop down menu for easy selection between six various screen positions. Achieve the perfect sequence of various animations at any given time by stacking and offsetting a combination of titles. Subtitles can be turned on and off by command, allowing the modification of multiple incoming and outgoing title effects at once.

CineText is located in the Titles browser of the program after download. Just drag and drop a chosen title onto your timeline and begin altering to suit your creative needs. CineText is now available through FxFactory for 49 USD.

CineFlare CineText Effects Include:

CineText Animations: CineText comes with a variety of animated titles, including some very useful animations with a balance of both creative and professional looks. Choose from options such as Defocus, Droplet, Easing Slider, Fast Elastic and more to give text an exciting and bold texture. Add life to any animated presentation with movie-like intro and outro sequences. Titles can also be stacked and combined for endless possibilities.

Parameter Controls: Each title animation in CineText comes with a variety of parameter controls for even further customization. Use the Build In and Build Out check boxes to allow or disable the incoming and outgoing animation of each title. Other parameter controls allow for more refined changes, such as font face, size, opacity, color and positions.

Screen Positions: Change the screen position of each title by using “Position Type.” This allows editors to quickly change the positions of titles without having to manually reposition each time. Choose from options such as Title Left, Title Center, Title Right, Lower Third Left, Lower Third Center, and Lower Third Right to give titles the desired position. Screen positions are also fine-tunable with parameter controls for perfect placement.

In and Out Variations: For even more possibilities, use “In and Out Variations” to change the entrance and exit points of text on-screen. Easily manipulate each option to create the exact look you want, be it having text enter on the right and exit on the left, vice versa or any other combination imaginable.

About CineFlare
Launched in September 2012, CineFlare is a special effects company born out of CineFlare creates flare effects, templates, and color grades to be used in Final Cut Pro X and other editing software.

CineText 4.1.2
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