Girona, Spain – After a series of highly successful apps, including an interface to streamline the iPhone’s FaceTime capabilities and an easy-to-use virtual post-it note system, 1Tapps has announced its latest move – one which takes them into the world of mobile gaming, or more specifically, mobile gaming for children.

The apps are universal, meaning that both iOS and Android users are able to download and enjoy them – a first for the Spanish development team, which has until now focused solely on iOS apps.

In an interesting move, 1Tapps has decided to release two companion games at once – one paid-for, and the other completely free. Refreshingly, free really means free in this instance, unlike many contemporary apps which feature advertisements or in-game purchases – a move which is likely to please parents who worry about leaving their children unattended on mobile devices.

Any child of the 70’s will be instantly familiar with the concept of 1TapBubbles; a game based on the iconic TOMY kids’ water toss games which proved incredibly popular during the decade. Thankfully, none of the simplicity of the hand-held original has been lost in 1Tapps mobile version. The controls are deceptively simple, with the user required to simply tap the screen to create a torrent of water which sends the rings upwards. The device can then be tilted in order to control where the rings descend in a similar manner to the archetypal TOMY version. 1TapBubbles is certain to bring pangs of nostalgia to anyone old enough to remember playing such games as a child, whilst remaining fresh, easy to grasp and aesthetically pleasing enough to captivate an entirely new audience.

Those who prefer their games gratis might be more inclined to check out 1TapMaze, another app which takes cues from a retro handheld classic. Essentially a virtual take on ‘ball labyrinth’ style games, 1TapMaze couldn’t be simpler. The user is required to simply tilt the device in order to guide the ball through a maze, harking back to an era before the arcade.

Both apps are available in 22 different languages, and feature 1Tapps wonderful ‘tap and go’ system – there are no menus, and simply tapping the app will launch a new game. A company spokesperson added “the ease of accessibility was designed specifically with children in mind. We have purposely set out to create apps which are fun for children of all ages, and parents can rest easy knowing that their children are playing fun, educational games with no risk of running up any additional costs. These apps are designed specifically so that children can be left alone with devices without having to worry about any further expense.”

Both 1TapBubbles and 1TapMaze are available on iOS and Android now.

1TapBubbles 1.0
1TapMaze 1.0
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1TapBubbles Press Kit (zip)
1TapMaze Press Kit (zip)
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Based in Girona, Spain, 1Tapps is a publishing company of mobile applications and games founded by independent developer Carles Coll Madrenas in 2011. Copyright (C) 2011-2013 1Tapps, registered trademark. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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