Elk Grove, California – ClearApps, LLC releases the first agentless network inventory software for Mac OS X – Network Inventory Advisor for Mac. The new release is not just a recompilation of the well-known network audit app for Windows OS, under the same name, it’s a completely new native app. Network Inventory Advisor for Mac brings truly simplified automated network scanning to Mac platform without the need of installing agent utilities on the computers you want to build reports for.

For the last couple of years Network Inventory Advisor won many professional awards for being a great solution for multi-OS network management on Windows platform. Now the similar app is available for Mac OS X as well. Network Inventory Advisor for Mac can be downloaded from the company’s website and will soon be available on the Mac App Store. Meanwhile the app is available for free (with 10 nodes cap) with premium licenses for larger networks.

The new release is packed with all the essentials you need to conduct a professional Mac inventory: fast and accurate network scanning, flexible network management features, software and hardware inventory and reporting, automated network alerts and change management, CMDB-complied database back-end, and more. Head on to the official website for the full list of usage scenarios and the complete feature list.

All current users of Network Inventory Advisor for Windows are eligible for additional 50% discount. Moreover, Network Inventory Advisor for Mac is on sale right now, till November 1, 2013.

Network Inventory Advisor for Mac
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ClearApps LLC is a privately owned software developer, specializing in network software utilities. Network Inventory Advisor, their major product, is used by network administrators and other staff in more than 150 countries worldwide and is translated into 7 languages. Copyright (C) 2013 ClearApps LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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