Los Angeles, California – Inspired by the 2012 story of Felicia Garcia, a fifteen year-old girl who died at her own hand in front of classmates at a Staten Island train station due to her experience with bullying at Tottenville High School, Khamicom owner, Damon Smith, hopes to present a different message about handling bullying.

Creating the movement Mind Over Bullies (MOB), the new comic book will hopefully help readers consider the many ways to handle a bullying situation without using violence or reaching a point of despair that will lead them to consider ending their own life.

“I want kids to use their wit, intelligence and skills to handle their difficulties,it’s literally, mind over bullies – it’s just a new state of mind,” said Smith. “Tablets and mobile devices are the direction entertainment has gone in so we know that in order to reach our target audience with the series that we have to make content for those mediums,” added Smith.

Focused on creativity that benefits children, teens and young adults, the entertainment company’s first venture was the highly successful “Sock n Boots” adventure series. “Basically we started with one story and then graduated to apps and comic books,” said Smith. “We plan to do the same here and can only hope that this newest venture will be as successful as our last.”

Creating a brand that lends itself to anti-bullying, the Indiegogo campaign will support the series launch about six multi-racial teen characters. Very intentionally, the characters are without invincible superhuman ability and are everyday teens who decide to stand up to bullies in their high school.

Studies show that the cure for bullying is the strength of numbers – hence, the six brave teens banding together to make a change as the MOB. Additionally, the series will highlight the fact that bullying victims need to see their aggressors as having a terrible flaw they are in need of covering in themselves.

Keeping attention on cyber bullying and the exploitation of kids who are on the fray of the “in crowd,” Smith hopes to incorporate a free app that will feature the MOB animated cartoon web series. The app will be produced and released should the company reach their funding goal.

For more information or to make a pledge when the project goes live, visit their Indiegogo campaign.

Mind Over Bullies on Indiegogo
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Khamicom’s goal is to inspire young minds and open the doors to expression through reading. After having an influx of newborns brought into my life in 2011 (three neices and one nephew), creator, Damon Smith was inspired to do all that he could to see that their young minds were stimulated. Thus far the results have been the creation of two loveable pieces of footwear (Sock and his best friend Boots) as the main characters in a new children’s book series “Sock n Boots.” Khamicom will continue to find new ways to reach young people with entertaining ideas that make a difference. Copyright (C) 2013 Khamicom. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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