Doncaster, United Kingdom – For limited time only, the development team over at iOS Apple Apps are offer a complementary App design for businesses. The App design will come in the form of a video simulation to demonstrate how an iPhone App could benefit your company. To apply for this offer simply contact iOS Apple Apps with your company website, and in return you will see how an iOS Apple App would look and work for your business.

Below is a list of key features and benefits that will help your business grow by having iOS Apple Apps build your company its very own iOS Apple App.

Benefits and iOS App features:
* All your content will be in one easy to use location without the need of an internet connection
* Online features will allow the user to email you directly and visit your website from within the App
* Links to your Facebook and twitter account, plus a direct phone call button in the App
* A quiz and a iOS games themed on your business to add an entertainment value to the App
* Wallpapers of stunning photos themed on your business that the user will be able to use as their wallpaper
* A photo gallery of your business and/or staff
* Stunning HD graphics throughout the App
* Two press releases through iPhone Life and prMac to alert the media about your App
* Plus much more

You get to use the App Store official logo on your website so people are aware you are in the App Store plus it makes your website look that little more professional

You are opening your business up to millions of potential customers by having your company live in the Apple App Store. You will also have your own webpage about your App on our website with a direct download link to download the App, plus a link direct to your website.

Pricing and Availability:
The complementary App design is free. Should you decide to go ahead with the App, iOS Apple Apps offer a price guarantee and their Apps start as low as 400 GBP, a one off payment with no monthly fees.

iOS Apple Apps
Price and Packagers

Located in Doncaster, England, iOS Apple Apps is a company founded by Craig Smart on 04/04/2012. Reach out to millions of potential customers by distributing your content in the Apple App Store, by letting iOS Apple Apps build your company the app it deserves. Copyright(C) 2012 iOS Apple Apps. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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