Los Angeles, California – BadOnlineDates website, a portal from Jennifer Kelton that brings hilariously horrific dating tales to anyone who wants to hear them, today announced a number of recent updates and improvement to BadDates, the site’s free mobile companion app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This entertaining application allows users to share their dating horror stories on the go, now even in real-time!

This app was designed for pure hilarity, and it’s better than ever thanks to a number of newly implemented updates that improve the app’s usability, let readers comment on each other’s stories, and have the ability to give the whole BadDates community a live play-by-play of their crazy dates if they’d like. BadDates is currently available for download on the Apple’s App Store free of charge.

Building the BadOnlineDates website into a popular social community from the ground up – not to mention the fact that she has a quirky reality game show called Dating in Disguise already in the works– Jennifer Kelton is an unofficial expert on dating shenanigans. Not surprisingly, she looked to launch BadDates app to conquer the mobile arena’s bad dating comedy niche as well. BadDates mobile app, much like it’s web contemporary, is a place where anyone who wanted to could approach the whole situation with a healthy dose of humor.

BadDates allows users to scour through disastrous date stories posted by other users, comment on the ones they like, and – in a newly introduced feature – even post their own bad date’s play-by-play in real time. The app features three unique channels of use, Read, Watch, and Post, which are at the user’s disposal. BadDates’ “Watch” channel gives users access to the Bad Date TV and Dating in Disguise webisodes, while the “Read” channel offers users a well designed interface to browse through other users’ stories with ease. Finally, the app’s “Post” channel gives users an opportunity to post their own hellish dating sagas for others to enjoy after the fact, or right when the date is going down with live up-to-the-minutes updates.

BadDates has steadily improved since it’s introduction, and it’s varied avenues of entertainment and smooth operation are a testament to creators’ steadfast commitment to quality. The app even employs two hilarious personalities – Bad Date Ben & Bad Date Betty – to reenact exactly how bad a bad date could be. BadDates may have its digital tongue firmly planted in it’s cheek, but its commitment to providing users with a well structured interactive mobile forum to vent about their dating frustrations is anything but. Almost everyone’s had a date go bad, now with BadDates you won’t need to feel all alone when it happens. Heck, you might just catch yourself laughing along too.

BadDates 1.7
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An expert in the business of dating technology, Jennifer Kelton is an entrepreneur, social media innovator and bad date expert. Her mission is to help people navigate the tragi-comedy of online dating while connecting for support and comic relief via the many channels of communication today’s community of jaded daters have at their disposal. Copyright (C) 2011 Jennifer Kelton. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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