Beijing, China – Sun Min is proud to announce today the global release of MarginNote Reader for iPad, an App that allows users to put notes on PDF, ePubs and Outline in MindMap, sync everything to Evernote, all in their own handwriting. With an intuitive design and elegant user interface, MarginNote Reader takes an idea that is simple in the real world and applies it to digital documents. Loaded with editing tips and allowing users to create notes instantly, the App lets users write and organize notes in a snap.

MarginNote Reader uses swipe and drag gestures to organize notes. Branches of MindMap can be collapsed and expanded right from within MarginNote. Books can also be exported with MarginNotes directly to PDF.

Feature Highlights:
* Multiple note taking methods to choose from or create an amalgamation of different methods that works for each individual
* Easy to use interface with large pieces of “paper” within the margins of a text on which users can create notes, shortcuts or drawings to help stimulate their memory
* Take notes in the user’s own words, use keywords/highlighting to annotate texts they’re working with or create a visual note hierarchy
* Create outlines of all the most important note files so that users can easily find specific points without having to scroll through the entire document
* Organize and store notes on an iPad or in the cloud
* Export markup & notes in a printable form
* Tips on note taking and how to effectively use notes to perform better in the classroom or at work
* Tips on how to ask critical questions that get information that the users need to supplement their
notes and learning process

Device Requirements:
* Requires iOS 6.0 or higher
* Compatible with iPad
* 73.2MB

Pricing and Availability:
MarginNote Reader 1.1.1 is available for free on the App Store globally. A full version upgrade in-app purchase is available for just $5.99 (USD).

MarginNote Reader 1.1.1
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
App Icon

Sun Min creates apps that help to increase productivity and help users stay organized. © 2014 Sun Min. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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