Las Vegas, Nevada – For Cyber Monday only, SecureMac is offering both PrivacyScan and MacScan at insanely discounted prices to ensure every Mac is protected and secure this holiday season! PrivacyScan, normally retailing for 14.99, is selling for 1.99 and MacScan is offered at 80% off retail price! Unlike other retailers offering minimal discounts SecureMac is getting back to what Cyber Monday is all about!

PrivacyScan ($1.99) – Seeks and destroys privacy threats for Mac OS X. PrivacyScan acts like a digital private eye, identifying hidden threats that can compromise privacy when accessed by advertisers or snoopers trying to see user activity. It removes the internet clutter that accumulates in cache and history files while browsing the web. PrivacyScan covers the user’s digital tracks behind them and saves valuable hard drive space by eliminating traces of which apps and files have been accessed. This holiday season don’t let other people see where you’ve been shopping or what you’ve purchased to spoil the surprise! Available on the Mac App Store at this great price!

MacScan (Save 80% with Coupon Code: PROTECTELVES) – Detect, isolate and remove Malware from Mac OS X and clean up blacklisted cookies and Internet clutter quickly. MacScan protects against the threats that exist for Macs including keystroke loggers, little software spies that record everything typed including usernames and passwords. This holiday season make sure your Mac is clean and protected with MacScan. Available directly from the MacScan website.

Purchase and Download PrivacyScan (MAS)
MacScan (Use Code PROTECTELVES at checkout)
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