Los Angeles, California – Digital Film Tools, developer of visual effects software, today is proud to announce that its zMatte plug-in is now GPU-accelerated, making it faster than ever to create motion picture-quality blue/green screen composites.

zMatte is a full-featured keyer that is the result of Digital Film Tools’ experience in creating hundreds of successful blue and green screen composites. Using proprietary matte extraction techniques, zMatte quickly and simply creates mattes with minimal parameters, even when dealing with fine hair detail, smoke or reflections. It is easy to use, yet provides the necessary tools when faced with difficult shots – tools such as multiple matte creation, automatic spill suppression, sophisticated matte and edge manipulation, and color correction.

zMatte includes the following plug-ins to handle keying, matte generation and compositing: Color Suppress, DeArtifact, Edge Composite, Frame Averager, Holdout Composite, Keyer, Light Wrap, Matte Generator, Matte Repair, and Screen Smoother.

“Following our master plan to GPU-accelerate all of our software, zMatte v3.5 is now ready for use in production,” comments Marco Paolini, founder and president, Digital Film Tools. “We have implemented OpenCL as our method of acceleration, and most modern graphics cards can take advantage of this technology. In most cases, users will see dramatic speed increases while rendering.”

zMatte Feature Highlights:
* Create mattes from blue, green or any color screen
* Multiple matte creation
* Matte shrink, blur and wrap functions
* DV and HD de-artifacting
* Sophisticated color correction and suppression
* Light wrapping
* Edge tools to color correct or blur only the edge
* Integrated DVE
* Screen smoothing for unevenly lit blue and green screens
* Effectively composite fire, explosions and smoke
* 32-bit processing
* GPU acceleration

Pricing and Availability:
zMatte is available now for $395.00 (USD). If installed on the same machine, one license will run in the following applications: Adobe(R) After Effects(R) CS5 and up, Adobe(R) Premiere(R) Pro CS5 and up, Apple(R) Final Cut Pro(R) 6/7/X, and 64-bit versions of Avid(R) Symphony(R), Media Composer(R) and Newscutter. Upgrades from previous versions are available for $100. For more information, examples and downloads, please visit Digital Film Tools online.

Digital Film Tools
zMatte 3.5

Digital Film Tools brings together the unbeatable combination of superior software designers, motion picture visual effects veterans, video editors and photographers. Add three Emmy Awards and experience in creating visual effects for hundreds of feature films, commercials and television shows and you have a recipe for success. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2013 Digital Film Tools. All Rights Reserved. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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