Huntsville, Alabama – DrivePop today announces $3 a month unlimited cloud backup plan pricing for students and teachers. These backup plans offer unlimited cloud backup space for backing up all the files and documents on Mac OS X and Windows systems. Backing up your data to the cloud is a great insurance policy for the files you deem important. With our software, it’s a set it and forget it process. All uploads are done automatically and in the background. When new files are added to the folders you have selected, those will be uploaded and protected automatically.

In addition to offering unlimited cloud backup space, DrivePop accounts allow streaming of music and movies from your cloud account to anywhere you are. With multimedia player available in the online cloud portal or through apps for iOS and Android, streaming your music or movies is as easy as choosing the file to play. “This is a great feature that many people have been requesting”, says Rob Boirun CEO of DrivePop. “Now students and teachers that have a bit of downtime in-between classes can watch their movies that they have uploaded to their cloud account, it’s a personal multimedia center wherever you are.”

Main Features:
* Unlimited Cloud Backup Space
* Unthrottled Bandwidth
* 100% automated backup
* Access Files Online/Anywhere
* Apps for iPhone, iPad
* Stream your music and movies online or on your gadgets
* Scheduling – backup on specific times and days

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.6.8 or higher
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* G4 Processor, 1GHz or faster
* 24.8 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
Free trial accounts are available or take advantage of the $3 pay per month option which offers unlimited backup space.

$3 Backup Plans
Free Trial

Located in Huntsville, AL USA, DrivePop was founded in 2012 by Rob Boirun to offer low cost highly secure data backup to everyone. All Material and Software (C) 2013 DrivePop / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, the iPod logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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