Den Haag, Netherlands – Scheveningen (The Haque), The Netherlands – Bob Groothuis has released a new Dutch Skies 360 Volume 5, with affordable Royalty free HDRI images of Dutch Skies 360. The images, with the famous Dutch Light, can be used for advertisements, visual effects, 3D, architecture, game development etc.

The Dutch Skies 360 Volume 5 collection contains 40 sIBL/HDR sets. Also included are the 11k (11.000 x 5.500 pixels) HDRI panorama’s of all 40 sets. A free sample sIBL/HDR set from the Dutch Skies 360 Volume 5 collection is available for download. The sIBL/HDR set’s can be imported by most popular 3D applications.

HDRI Panorama Portrait series:
Next to the Dutch Skies 360 Volume Bob Groothuis also is known for his ongoing HDRI Panorama Portrait series called (Close) Encounters. The highlight of the (Close) Encounters is a HDRI Panorama Portrait of a Dutch film crew during the shoot of the documentary “Tim’s Vermeer” in Delft.

Pricing and Availability:
Dutch Skies 360 Volume 5 collection costs $69.99 (USD) or 59.99 Euro (excl VAT). The licenses are royalty free. After online payment the HDRI/sIBL images are immediately available for download. The download link will be included in the confirmation e-mail. The full edition will be sent separately.

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Located in Scheveningen, The Netherlands, Bob (RW) Groothuis – HDRI panorama photography for film, video, VFX and more. Copyright (C) 2014 Bob Groothuis. Products and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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