Madrid, Spain – PlayToddlers was founded a year and a half ago with very specific goals: “Create a simple but a great game for toddlers, not only for amusing them but to pushing their development and education. Create a simple but a great game for toddlers, beautiful to see, hear and play. Create a simple but a great game for toddlers, so easy to play that even the youngest children can play it without parental assistance. And, of course, be nice and fair, avoid freemium and don’t show ads that you can’t control its content”. On March 2012, PlayToddlers launched My First Animal Puzzle, one of the most awarded games for children for its design and ease of play.

In the following months, the brand created new kinds of games to push our kids education even more. The studio launched “My Little Garden” on May 2012, to help to develop musical skills and memory, “Crazy Fun Lab” about recognizing shapes and colors, “Find It : Hidden Objects for Children”, winner of a FWA award, which improves visual skills, attention and a simple introduction to subtractions, “Preschool Kit” an educational tool for helping parents and educators to introduce toddlers with letters, words, numbers, shapes and colors, among other puzzles like “Dino Puzzle” and “Spooky Puzzle”.

Its last game “Dress Up : Professions”, winner a second FWA award for its design, helped hundreds of thousands of toddlers to learn to dress themselves while they explore different occupations they might want to be when they grow up.

All the games and apps from the brand features a hand-drawn graphic artwork supervised by Sebastio Lopes (Creative Director), crafted with an exquisite care to be attractive and colorful.

“We are proud of this important milestone for our studio, a million downloads reminds us why we are doing what we are doing, and remind us we are doing it in the right way. But, more important than a million downloads, is to realize we are helping a million of little users to learn, play and develop their skills, in a completely safe and controlled environment. Our goal has been to provide a high educational value for toddlers and ensure parents have nothing to worry while their children are playing with a PlayToddlers game. This great number of downloads evidence we are achieving it”. – said Guillermo Fernandez, founder and technical director.

PlayToddlers’ games and apps are free to try and available for iPad, iPhone and iPod through Apple App Store and for Android devices through Google Play, Amazon App Store and Samsung Apps Store.

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PlayToddlers is a video games studio based in Madrid, Spain, with the purposes of creating fun, pedagogical, non-violent and stimulating games and apps for kids and the whole family. Copyright (C) 2013 PlayToddlers. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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