Tampa, Florida – Over the weekend, Bike Games was downloaded over 22,000 times bringing the overall total of downloads to 43,292 with the developer, evertap, donating more than $432 donated to the charity DonorsChoose.

“Because of such a great weekend, we were able to add $220 to help fund some more teacher and class projects,” said Ryan Wade, the CEO of Evertap, “This has truly been a rewarding experience for all of us.”

Here are the 7 School Projects that evertap helped fund today:
* Carpet Squares for Kindergarten
* Student Supplies for a Stupendous, Successful School Year!
* Class Novels
* Second Grade Intervention Instruction
* Least Restrictive Environment
* Seeing Our Accomplishments = Building our Self-Confidence
* Wiggly Learners need Wiggly Chairs

If you’re interested in helping and supporting the cause, evertap still has two full days of downloads that we’ll be donating to DonorsChoose. For each and every download we get through October 9th, we will be donating a penny to the charity.

DonorsChoose is an organization that enables teachers to request materials and resources for their classrooms and makes them available to individual donors through it’s website.

“It’s a great way for us to give back to the community and help make a difference,” says Stephan Noack evertap’s Vice President of Operations.

If you’re interested in helping the DonorsChoose cause, visit us at Donation Downloads and download the free app today!

Donor’s Choose
Donation Downloads
Download the App

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