Boston, Massachusetts – FxFactory, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, introduces CineFlare Handheld to its extensive family of plugins. This brand new plugin built exclusively for Final Cut Pro X allows editors to mimic the look one achieves using a handheld camera, such as whip pans, lens focusing and zooms, and even bumps and jitters. While a handheld camera may produce the look one wants, adding these looks in post-production gives an artist full control over the end result. Using clean, crisp images, editors can manipulate them in post-production in just about any way imaginable without losing image quality. Users can choose from over 30 various tools and presets to add various zoom effects and lens movements as well as layer effects for endless variations.

CineFlare Handheld Highlight Effects Include:

Drift Handheld Effect: a subtle handheld effect that drifts slowly and allows users to generate a random seed to change up the drift effect.

Main Handheld Effect: a very natural handheld look, editors can change the parameters for a subtle or fairly intense handheld look; change up the amount of handheld variation as well as the speed of the movement.

Lens Movements: created as “Titles” so users can lay it over footage and move it around, Handheld offers 24 presets as well as customizable lens movement tools; quickly add and create focus finding variations and zoom movements that give footage a sense of realism.

Whip Pan Transitions: with four to choose from, editors can use a left and right whip pan that mimics the whip pan of both a film camera and DSLR camera; also change the skew of the DSLR whip pan to your liking.

Camera Bump and Jitter Effects: Handheld comes with one camera bump and one constant jitter effect; users can change the parameter and length of these effects for a wide variety of possibilities.

About CineFlare
Launched in September 2012, CineFlare is a special effects company born out of CineFlare creates flare effects, templates, and color grades to be used in Final Cut Pro X and other editing software.

Pricing and Availability:
CineFlare Handheld is available now through FxFactory for $49.00 USD.

HandHeld FCPX Plugin
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