New York, New York – Appsboost Ltd announces app promotion services by a wholesale traffic purchases, that offer app developers the opportunity to push apps into the Top 25 App Store, overall. The performance based marketing for iOS apps, features incentivized installs campaigns, and guarantees top App Store Rankings, with ease. Appsboost aims to help developers reach their goals.

It is a well-known fact that top-ranked apps have a much greater chance to be downloaded due to being in the spotlight. Moreover, people are much more apt to download from the App Store than from some website online. The number of organic downloads in the first 72 hours in the Top are crucial, while downloads of the last 24 hours count even more. That’s why most developers want very badly to reach a Top position in the App Store. If it’s your goal too, take a look at possible variants to make it real.

The study found that you need approximately 38,400 daily downloads to push your app into the Top 25 in the App Store. There are several ways to gain the required amount of installs. All depends on the approach chosen by developers when promoting their apps.

Some developers promote their apps by intense, properly planned marketing campaigns, like in-app advertising by AdMob for example. Networks like Flurry, Tapjoy, Sponsorpay and others cross-promote apps in games, incentivizing users to download them in exchange for virtual currency. But none of them offer you guaranteed rank position. Another way of promotion is done by a wholesale traffic purchase by such services as Appsboost that provides performance based marketing for iOS apps in the App Store through the incentivized installs campaigns. This company offer developers an opportunity to push their app into the Top 25 App Store overall for just $6,999 USD, what is amazing price I would say.

All the given ways push your app higher in the list, but if we look at them in terms of the cost, we should notice that banner ads can result in a tidy sum (total cost to be in the Top 25 by advertising with AdMob estimates approximately $90,000). Thus, at this point, the most economical way of guaranteed Top rankings in the App Store seem to be a wholesale traffic purchase by the mentioned above, Appsboost.

Despite all the good comments on this service, it may seem risky to use as it’s not particularly under Apple’s App Store rules. However, taking into account all the economy you get (in comparison to other ways it comes out at up to 1000%), it is definitely worth trying.

What Appsboost offers:
* Top 25 US App Store within 48 hours
* Guaranteed results and rank position
* Not just US territory coverage, but many other countries

If you want to get your app into the Top of the App Store and gain many organic downloads, you need to think about the quality of your app as well. As long as you are making apps that are useful and original, you have a good chance for success.


Located in New York, Appsboost Ltd provide performance based marketing for iOS apps on the US (and not only) App Store through incentivized installs campaign. Our campaigns have a great impact on the charts and significantly move up client app’s rank.All Material and Software (C) 2010-2013 Appsboost Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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