Cupertino, California – Today, Flying Pig releases the third minor update of Edouard. Versioned 1.3, it brings many bug fixes and improvements but also new features such as sales returns and partial sales credit notes.

Other improvements include:
* Dynamic demo server loading, offering more demo servers automatically
* All time access to demo servers – even after purchasing – for safe testing outside production environment
* Major refactoring of the templates editing UI
* Accounting-focused improvements
* And more

The online release notes offer a more detailed list of changes for Edouard 1.3.

Edouard 1.3 comes with a server update – Edouard Server 1.3 – which includes:
* Brand new Application with new UI
* Separation of Database and Server services at launch and install
* Dramatically improved reporting for each step enhancing the user experience and understanding of the underlying processes for potentially self-troubleshooting
* Server-side license, removing the burden of installing it on each client computers
* And more

For those interested in the details of this version, the full release notes for Edouard Server 1.3 are also available online.

With the license now server-side, customers who purchased prior versions of Edouard can install their current license on Edouard Server 1.3. Updates are available automatically through the software update feature for both Edouard and Edouard Server. Edouard Client 1.3 becomes a free download straight from the Mac App Store.

As a reminder, Edouard is a complete all-in-one, multi-users, client-server, business management solution designed for Small and Medium Businesses, covering sales, purchases, manufacturing, inventory management, contact management, accounting, statistics and more. It runs on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and has satellite apps running on iOS. Its license price is $1299 per simultaneously connected user with volume licensing discounts. Licenses can be purchased at any time using Flying Pig’s online store.

Edouard 1.3 release happens just a few days after Flying Pig introduced its “Get a Mac, get 50% off Edouard” discount program to encourage users to either switch to Mac or renew their hardware.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of running your business on Mac, please visit our dedicated white paper. For all information about Edouard and/or to try our feature unlimited demo, please visit the product page For more information about Flying Pig, please visit Flying Pig’s home page.

Flying Pig
Edouard 1.3
Get a Mac – Get 50% off Edouard
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Flying Pig Corporation was founded in 2010, to continue the work of Flying Pig Sarl in the North American market. Flying Pig Sarl was founded in France in April 2007, with the objective of creating exceptionally efficient and innovative software. Both companies belong to the VARA SAS, Thiercelin family holding, including the historical family-owned and operated business, founded in 1809. Copyright (C) 2013 Flying Pig Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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