Clearwater, FL and London, UK – DistributorX, the technology channel source, announces a new exclusive, limited-time promotion that offers customers a FREE Apple Mac mini or Lenovo ThinkCentre with the purchase of a new license of Enfocus PitStop Server 12.

This incredible offer provides customers with a FREE Lenovo ThinkCentre or Apple Mac mini computer that they can deploy in conjunction with PitStop Server as a dedicated server machine, or for use any where and in any way they like. This special promotion is being offered exclusively by DistributorX and is perfect for businesses that want to run PitStop Server 12 on a dedicated system as there are no additional budgeting requirements for them to consider when implementing PitStop Server. For customers that are already fully equipped with hardware, they can still take advantage of the offer and use the free Apple Mac mini or Windows PC as a gift. The promotion expires December 31, 2013.

Options included in the exclusive promotion are:
PitStop Server 12 with 2.5GHz Mac mini, dual-core Intel Core i5 – Special price of $3599/GBP2608 (Normally $4198/GBP3024 when these items are purchased separately)

PitStop Server 12 with Lenovo ThinkCentre M72e 4004 – Core i3 3220T 2.8 GHz – Special price of $3599/GBP2608 (Normally $4148/GBP2989 when these items are purchased separately)

For customers that need even more power from their Apple Mac mini or Lenovo ThinkCentre, DistributorX have created additional bundles that include higher specification systems. “The PitStop Server hardware bundle gives you a turn-key answer to preflighting, use of action lists, auto correcting and in-depth reports of your PDFs in an automated solution,” offers Steve Hosford, Enfocus National Sales Manager, North America.

The all new PitStop Server 12 now uses the industry standard Adobe transparency flattening engine. This ensures consistency with flattening performed externally in Adobe Creative Suite(R) or APPE pre-press workflows. It also benefits from the extended image enhancement features of PitStop Pro 12. The new PitStop Server 12 is supplied with two new automatic image enhancement Actions: Brightness/Contrast and Unsharp Masking. It can also use recorded image curve editing Actions from PitStop Pro 12.

“There are a significant number of customer sites who are interested in moving towards the automation that PitStop Server provides but require an upgrade of their hardware at the same time. These new bundles allow customers to purchase a complete software and hardware package so they can get up and running, all for one low price,” states Rachel Keenan, Channel Manager for DistributorX. “By putting together these promotional packages, customers can immediately begin implementing the powerful features PitStop Server 12 offers and see an immediate return on their investment.”

Both Windows and Mac OS X versions of PitStop Server 12 are now fully 64-bit enabled, which allow them access to the maximum amount of RAM available on the processing platform. This is important for faster processing of very large or complex PDF files.

“The PitStop Server Hardware Bundle offers users a dedicated system to take full advantage of the preflighting, auto-correction and reporting capabilities of PitStop Server. It’s an excellent value,” adds Maxim Heyndrickx, Enfocus International Account Manager, United Kingdom and Ireland.

PitStop Pro 12 and PitStop Server 12 also address the number one obstacle to correcting PDFs for production: missing fonts. Customers now have the option to connect to the new Monotype Baseline(TM) platform, a new cloud-based service solution, when missing fonts are detected. Licensing the font for a special introductory rate of $1.49 per font, per document, permits embedding of the font in the file, thereby allowing it to pass preflight and print successfully. Purchased fonts will be documented in PitStop preflight reports, and in the user account history with Monotype. As part of the terms of the agreement, Enfocus currently has exclusive rights to offer the Monotype solution for use in preflight.

Customers wishing to obtain more information or to purchase a PitStop Server 12 with FREE Mac mini or Lenovo ThinkCentre, can contact an authorized Enfocus reseller via DistributorX online. Resellers who are interested in being able to offer the Enfocus product range can contact DistributorX.

DistributorX North America – PitStop Server 12 with FREE Mac mini
DistributorX North America – PitStop Server 12 with FREE Lenovo ThinkCentre
DistributorX UK & Ireland – PitStop Server 12 with FREE Mac mini
DistributorX UK & Ireland – PitStop Server 12 with FREE Lenovo ThinkCentre
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