Lakewood, Colorado – Marketing automation is enjoying the fastest growth in the CRM-related segment with 45% of that coming from mid-sized companies and 92% of smaller companies planning to join the trend this year. Yet 25% of companies are not using their platform to its fullest potential and as many as 75% use their system to deploy a series of blast emails without an automated program in sight reducing their investment to not much more than expensive list management. With this in mind, Spider Trainers has put together a Drip-marketing Toolkit designed to help marketers launch a drip-marketing program that will bolster their entire marketing program and ensure a return on investment, even when resources are at a premium.

Everyone from creative directors to designers will find tips, best practices, advice, and lessons on how to make the most of any triggered campaign, but more specifically drip-marketing programs. Even Mac-based theme and web designers will benefit from information on responsive formats and ideas for improving engagement.

“We have seen hundreds of companies exert the effort to build, load, and deploy single, one-off emails week after week and fail to realize a return on their marketing-automation investment. When we create a drip-marketing campaign or nurture-marketing campaign, we advance an entire marketing program so that it is identifying and developing sales-ready leads, even when their department is resource strapped,” said Cyndie Shaffstall, founder, Spider Trainers. “The Drip-marketing Toolkit is a collection of advice, best-practices, and online tools that will nudge you along the automated-marketing path.”

The Drip-marketing Toolkit includes 15 great resources to get you started, give you ideas, help you test, and learn to measure your success. Visit now to get: 20 Ideas for Automated Blast, Drip, and Nurture Campaigns [guide], Automated Email Marketing [eBook], Blast, Drip, and Nurture Email Automation [guide], The Importance of Personas [article], persona profiler [online application], Marketing Metrics [eBook], Prospects, Leads, and Subscribers [eBook], Taming Your Campaign [infographic], Targeted Landing Pages [white paper], The Power of Print (in Marketing) [eBook], The ROI of Images [infographic], Using Drip Marketing to Stay Top of Mind [slide deck], Writing Email Subject Lines , A/B Testing , and Targeted Landing Pages .

With this collection of eBooks, guides, white papers, multimedia, and software, you will learn to build a drip-marketing campaign that will have you joining the ranks of companies that have already mastered the marketing-automation process and are generating 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% less cost.

Spider Trainers
Drip-marketing Toolkit

Spider Trainers helps companies of all sizes achieve a return on their marketing-automation investment through the design, development, and deployment of online or offline blast, drip, and nurture marketing campaigns. A network of more than 80 experts in email development, web development, graphic design, ad creation, multimedia creation, social-media postings, search-engine optimization, writing, editing, and analytics, Spider Trainers is chosen by companies to amplify lead and demand generation using a sales-readiness nurturing process. Founded in 2009, Spider Trainers is a DBA of C Shaffstall & Son, LLC, based in Denver, CO, and touts more than 30 years’ experience on their principal team. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2013 Spider Trainers. All Rights Reserved. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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