Garden Grove, California – Helping mobile app developers and appreneurs cash in on the $2.4 billion opportunity over the holiday season, AppClover and Marketing Your App today announce a special video presentation with tips and strategies for generating more downloads and sales during this critical time of the year.

The free video interview, available on the AppClover website, gives creators of iPhone, iPad, and Android apps 5 marketing strategies for maximizing their returns during the holiday season. Tips are presented by Len Wright and Matthew Lutz of AppClover, and Matt Palmer of Marketing Your App.

“The time between Christmas and New Years is a the single biggest time of the year for appreneurs,” said Len Wright, CEO of AppClover. “In our new video, we show you exactly how to boost your exposure and sales with smart app marketing tactics that anyone can use.”

The numbers are impressive: Between Christmas and New Year 2011, over 20 million new mobile devices were activated. These new customers lead to huge downloads of over 1.2 billion apps.

App sales this year are expected to be even larger. According to a Chartboost prediction, 2 billion apps will be downloaded this year over the Christmas week, making a revenue of $2.4 billion in just seven days. This is the same as the estimated revenue of the Apple App Store for the entire year of 2009.

“App developers need a strategy going into the holiday season to capitalize on the many people worldwide who will receive a new iPhone or iPad and people who will be given iTunes gift cards,” said Matt Palmer, CEO of Marketing Your App. “It’s a once-a-year opportunity that can’t be missed if you’re looking to maximize your sales.”

The news comes as many developers scramble to submit their apps to Apple for review before the shutdown of the App Store. Between December 21 and 28, Apple will not be reviewing new or updated apps and no price changes or releases can be made. The video explains how the “App Store Freeze” can mean huge visibility for developers who act quickly.

Other features of the special video presentation include:
* Marketing ideas to reach holiday shoppers
* App updates that generate more downloads
* How to target users for more sales
* Simple ways to stand out and get noticed

In addition, the video offers a brief introduction to the new App Traffic Academy course, which shows the fundamentals to bigger app profits. Developers learn proven strategies to take their app businesses to the next level by attracting more attention, downloads, and sales both inside and outside of the App Store.

This latest effort is part of AppClover and Marketing Your App’s combined mission to provide app developers with a wide range of helpful app marketing tips and resources. Through their websites, podcasts, and courses, the companies strive to empower appreneurs to make their mobile apps successful and profitable.

Holiday App Marketing Video
App Traffic Academy
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Based in Anaheim, California, AppClover LLC was co-founded in 2012 by Len Wright and Matthew Lutz. The company has an energetic passion for building strong, value-based relationships, while creating win-win deals that always embody their philosophy of service and integrity. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Marketing Your App is a mobile marketing company helping iPhone, iPad, and Android developers successfully sell their applications. Their marketing solutions help apps get more exposure, new customers, and increased sales in the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Copyright (C) 2012 AppClover and Marketing Your App. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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