Danbury, Connecticut – The Appreneur Group today is pleased to introduce FruitPie Samurai, its fast-paced action game in which players must slice through flying fruit pies to earn points, while avoiding poisonous green gas bottles. Complete with three modes, including Training mode, FruitPie Samurai is guaranteed to develop users’ gaming skills. Entertaining sound effects and detailed graphics, such as splattered fruitpies, make this app entertaining as well as challenging. Game Center features allow users to upload scores and compete with friends.

Players enter the world of FruitPie Samurai by joining Master and his students Jessi and Hirok as they slash through fruitpie slices in order to earn the most Gold Star points. Players begin by choosing between Training, Test, and Survive modes. Training mode is the easiest level, allowing users to master the skills and instructions of the game. There are no life restrictions in training mode, so players can slice until time runs out. Test mode gives players a slightly shorter time restriction and they also lose ten points for each poisonous green gas bottle smashed. Users apply their skills fully in Survive mode, as they are given only three lives.

Feature Highlights:
* Cut through fruit pie slices to earn Gold Star points with just the touch of a finger
* Learn skills in three increasingly difficult modes, starting with Training mode
* Spend Gold Star points to buy unique swords and Backgrounds for Master, Jessi, and Hirok characters
* Entertaining sound effects, such as splattering fruitpies and martial arts-inspired music, make playing enjoyable as well as challenging
* MultiPlayer Game Center challenges
* Compare high scores with friends using the Game Center feature

In each mode, players accumulate Gold Star points by slashing through flying fruitpie slices. With just the swipe of their fingers, players can slash through different fruitpie slices, from apple to key lime, as they come one, two, and more at a time. Players should be sure to avoid the poisonous green gas bottles, as they explode one of the lives are lost in Survive mode. High scores for each mode are listed in the upper left-hand corner, allowing users to challenge their own best scores with each new round. Entertaining sound effects, such as slicing noises and exploding bottles, as well as high quality graphics, such as splattered fruit pies, make the game enjoyable as well as challenging.

Once users have accumulated enough Gold Star points, they can purchase different martial arts swords and backgrounds for Master, Jessi, and Hirok. Master’s sword types include Dragon Blade, BlackNight Blade, Diamond Blade, and Secret Blade. Hirok’s sword types include FireRed Blade, Ice Blue Blade, Titanium Blade, and Secret Blade. Jessi’s sword types include Fire Blade, Pink Blade, Gold Blade, and Secret Blade. Each sword is a unique, high quality graphic available for different point values, from 5,000 to 15,000. Each of the Backgrounds provides a unique look as you can play the game with your favorite Character image. The Backgrounds are each 15,000 Gold Star Points. Up to 127,500 Gold Star points are available for in-app purchase.

“FruitPie Samurai is an action game for players of all ages 4 – 80 and where players can have fun slicing as many pies as they can while avoiding the poisonous gas bottles,” stated Appreneur Group founder Ralph Fernandez. “This entertaining game can become quite addictive, as players try to reach the highest score and compete against other players in the Game Center.”

Device Requirements:
* Requires iOS 5.1 or later
* Universal App optimized for Display on all iOS devices.
* 42.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
FruitPie Samurai 1.0 is $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Review copies are available on request.

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Located in Danbury, Connecticut, The Appreneur Group, LLC was launched in June 2012 by Ralph J. Fernandez CEO/Member and resident of Brookfield, Connecticut. The Company’s mission is to provide innovative, quality Apps that appeal to iOS users of all ages. Copyright (C) 2012 The Appreneur Group. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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