Boston, Massachusetts – FxFactory, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, introduces Horizon Fixer, the newest powerhouse plugin from CineFlare. Created exclusively for use with Final Cut Pro X, Horizon Fixer is the solution for replicating a beautiful horizon in post without the fear of it appearing crooked or unnatural. Horizon Fixer is now available through FxFactory for just 49 USD.

The tool allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the landscape as it changes throughout the length of the clip without having to set key frames. For further customization and to suit each user’s personalized needs, the animation can also be offset for the start and end of the clip to delay the horizon movement. As is standard for CineFlare and FxFactory, Horizon Fixer is incredibly simple to use, allowing for more time to be spent on bringing creative ideas to life rather than maneuvering through difficult technology. Just drag and drop the effect onto a clip on the timeline and begin making your desired adjustments to the parameters.

Main Controls:
Use Horizon Fixer to level a changing horizon line that spans the entire length of a clip by putting your cursor at the beginning and end of the clip and setting the angles desired. The tool can also be used to create horizons that do not start panning until further into the clip. The beginning and ending can be manipulated by fixing the start and end offsets to where the camera starts panning. Horizon Fixer will hold your animation until the editor’s preferred ending point. Toggle the “Show Affected Frames” checkbox to see the exact frames of a clip that will be affected by the moving horizon animation. Use the “Movement Ease” slider to set the ease amount to the movement if desired.

Guide Controls:
There are two types of guides that can be toggled on and off. The first is a horizontal and vertical line that can each be moved to match the subject in footage to better help you align the horizon. The second is a grid guide. This guide layers a grid across footage for even further precision.

Basic Horizon Fixer:
Horizon Fixer also includes a basic horizon fixer that sets a constant line in case footage does not require the animation. Simply set your perfect horizon angle and you’re done.

About CineFlare:
Launched in September 2012, CineFlare is a special effects company born out of DSLRcinema. CineFlare creates flare effects, templates, and color grades to be used in Final Cut Pro X and other editing software.

Horizon Fixer for FCPX
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