Miami, Florida – ProtectStar today is pleased to introduce iDelete 1.0 free for iOS, its new utility that scans all memory sectors of any iDevice in search of temporary data that is no longer needed. This unnecessary data is then removed using the military-grade erase algorithms employed in ProtectStar’s best-selling app, iShredder 2 Pro. Designed as part of a weekly maintenance routine, the app boosts system speed by freeing memory and prevents recovery of sensitive information in Temp & Junk Files and Cache & Off-Line Files.

Feature Highlights:
* Easy performance tuning, by quickly cleaning up temporary data
* Based on the best-selling, security app iShredder
* Improved speed with more free memory
* Modern clean methods for flash memory (SSD)
* Permanently delete unnecessary data
* Cleaned files are completely beyond recovery, even for experts and government agencies
* Friendly technical support by email

Every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is continuously moving data in to and out of paged memory as part of its normal operation: running apps, surfing the web, or editing documents, photos and videos. This normal process helps maximize available memory. However, not all temporary files are deleted automatically and correctly. The result is an ever-increasing volume of unused and unprotected data that is occupying valuable memory.

Employing the proprietary technology developed for iShredder, which has been refined over the past two years, iDelete locates all temporary files not in use. The app then employs iShredder’s modern and secure erasing methods for flash memory (SSD), ensuring that files are completely beyond recovery, even for experts and government agencies. The process for deleting temporary data can be started with the click of a single button. The clean-up process, which takes 1 to 10 minutes, will then begin safely and automatically. During the clean-up process, the power saving function will dim the backlight, so that there is minimum strain on the battery.

Removes Many Kinds of Unnecessary Files:
* Hidden temp files generated by complex calculations and data exchanges
* Device cache memory
* Corrupt media files produced by iTunes failed syncs
* Cookie & script files
* Various junk files
* Will not endanger data, apps, music, movies, photos, or other useful content on the iDevice

Chris Bohn of ProtectStar commented, “Our industry-standard app, iShredder, is currently in use by government and military agencies worldwide to ensure that trashed files are absolutely unrecoverable. Now, iDelete provides a second level of security and convenience – it ensures that all temporary files are absolutely unrecoverable and no longer taking up memory.”

Language Support:
* English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian, French, Russian,
Hindi, Indonesia, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Portuguese

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod touch (3rd/4th/5th generation), and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* Universal app optimized for display on all iOS devices
* 16.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
iDelete 1.0 is normally $1.99 (USD), but is free for the first week of its release and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. Review copies are available on request.

iDelete 1.0
Download from iTunes
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Based in Miami, Florida, ProtectStar, Inc. was founded by Christopher Bohn in 2004. Their aim is to protect the users of tomorrow against unauthorized data access today. ProtectStar was among the first companies to check mobile devices for security risks, a pioneering effort leading to significant security improvements in mobile and smart phones. In 2006, it released Data Shredder for Windows, which has become an industry standard in secure data deletion. The company’s iShredder for iOS, released in 2011, is the leading iOS data erasure app that protects against third parties restoring deleted files. ProtectStar has more than 200,000 customers in more than 30 countries, from industrial, business, institutional, government, and military sectors, as well as individual users. Copyright (C) 2004-2013 ProtectStar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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  1. Dinesh says:

    This app just sucks! I bought on iTunes and it does nothing. I was sold on its UI and thought it do something as it promises. I wasted my money. Don’t buy this.

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