Rochester, New York – iMathGenius, a math education app for people of all ages, has gained more and more popularity since its first release of last year. Many people who downloaded and played with this app gives it a thumbs-up. Even more gave many good suggestions which allowed us to have improved the app since then. There are also institutional downloads such as downloads from school’s iPad education program. We’ve seen download traffic increased from all around the world, especially from US and China.

To better serve the interests from different age groups, iMathGenius has added three more different apps, i.e., iMathGeniusE, iMathGeniusM and iMathGeniusHigh. iMathGeniusE is for students whose grade is in elementary school or lower, iMathGeniusM is for students in middle school and iMathGeniusHigh is for students in high school or adults. Different apps cover different math subjects in different grade levels.

All of them have the same friendly user interface. Every question has detailed solution so that students can not only test their math skill, but more importantly learn the math knowledge behind each question so that they will know how to solve the same kind of the question next time. Students can also learn the math together by sharing each question with their friends or asking teachers, parents or friends for helping solving each question. iMathGenius and its serials make learning math more fun.

iMathGenius and its serials are not merely math test apps, but also interesting math games. Based on reward points collected, a mysterious image needs to be revealed. The higher the reward points are, the more regions of the image will be uncovered. In the end, enough reward points will completely reveal the mysterious image. Therefore, students who continue to play iMathGenius and its serials will definitely improve their math skill in the end.

With the start of the new school year, why not give iMathGenius and its serials a try? Go to Apple store and type iMathGenius, iMathGeniusE, iMathGeniusM or iMathGeniusHigh. They all work for both iPhone and iPad.

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