San Francisco, California – AppyMall, a new marketplace for educational apps, has been launched by Technology in Education, a popular review site, to help teachers and parents find quality children’s apps.

AppyMall allows users to search for educational apps by grade level and learning skill, such as math, language arts, or reading. AppyMall divides apps into anchor stores that organize book, game and educational apps into categories such as preschool, elementary school, middle school, speech and language, special needs and apps with lesson plans.

Within each anchor store, apps are sub-categorized by subject and price so that consumers can find relevant learning content quickly. There also is an option for the user to click on the app description to put it on a wish list, or to mark that they own it.

“The AppyMall educational categories are helpful for consumers to pinpoint different areas of educational content. Instead of browsing huge app stores under the blanket terms of ‘education’ or ‘kids,’ with AppyMall you can specifically target apps by subject area and grade level,” said Lorraine Akemann of Moms With Apps. “This service should be helpful for parents and teachers alike in finding apps.”

AppyMall is an offshoot of Technology in Education, a popular review site for educational apps with a Facebook community of more than 15,000.

The need for AppyMall, which categorizes apps by grade level and learning skill, became evident as the Technology in Education team witnessed the frustration of teachers looking for specific types of apps for their classroom, and parents seeking apps to foster learning at home. It also has become an important resource for apps that help special needs children, such as those on the Autism Spectrum.

“AppyMall is a fantastic resource for parents looking for special needs apps. There are so many apps on iTunes now that it is difficult to find apps that target a specific skill or deficit,” said Kyle Tomson, president of the Mobile Education Store. “AppyMall not only narrows the search, but it only includes the best apps, ones that you can feel confident will help your child. I use it myself for my children.”

The site also has become an important ally for educational app developers.

“Folks at AppyMall go beyond merely reviewing your app. They not only critique, but even suggest critical improvements,” said Joy Deep Nath, co-founder of StudyPad. “But what really sets AppyMall apart is its focus on curriculum and the core education value of the app. This helps them create very fine-tuned, but extremely useful categories in education, like apps with lesson plans, apps for special education, etc. It’s simply the best place for app discovery.”

AppyMall was founded in 2012 to help parents and teachers cut through the clutter of the app marketplace to find quality educational apps for children.

Technology in Education

AppyMall, an online educational app marketplace, was founded in 2012 by the Technology in Education team to make it easier for parents and teachers to find quality educational apps. Copyright (C) 2012 AppyMall. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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